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Jan 30, 2007 07:17 PM

Small birthday dinner in Baltimore- recs?

I'm being taken out for my birthday in Baltimore, and wondering if anyone has any particularly glowing recommendations for a pleasant, relatively low-key but excellent meal- I'm open to pretty much anything, provided it's not too too expensive- esp. curious about Taste, Brasserie Tatin or that place in Patterson Park (Salt, perhaps?), if anyone's been there. Sorry for the general vagueness...Thanks!

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  1. Low-key but excellent describes Chameleon Cafe to a "T".

    Salt is good, but less low-key due to its crowds, at least at prime weekend hours. Peter's Inn would be another option.

    1. True is very low-key.
      Brasserie Tatin is very expensive.
      How about La Cazuela? Very low-key, still upbeat and great value.

      1. Taste is not very good. Given it a couple chances, been very underwhelmed. Wasn't too impressed with Brasserie Tatin, either. b, in Bolton Hill, is very understated and very good. I also second the Chameleon Cafe.

        1. I completly agree with the Chameleon rec.... they are amazingly good....tied for first for fave place with....

          (near the park area on Montford) Birches. Without a doubt my other fave place for a dinner.

          1. i would echo comments on b and chameleon. also, i had the pleasure of visiting jack's bistro in canton this week. they opened recently, but i believe you'd have a great time. the menu offers all sorts of different things, veggie entrees, short ribs, curry dishes, broiled skate... they offer a nice wine list, fun coctails and cool desserts (we tried lavender peppercorn ice cream for dessert-- awesome!) entrees won't be more than $22 bucks, you can wear jeans or dress up. the staff is really friendly and helpful. weeknights bring different specials (tuesday is homemade pretzel night--lobster is another special night)... they're very new, but really seem to have it together!

            have fun and happy birthday!