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Small birthday dinner in Baltimore- recs?

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I'm being taken out for my birthday in Baltimore, and wondering if anyone has any particularly glowing recommendations for a pleasant, relatively low-key but excellent meal- I'm open to pretty much anything, provided it's not too too expensive- esp. curious about Taste, Brasserie Tatin or that place in Patterson Park (Salt, perhaps?), if anyone's been there. Sorry for the general vagueness...Thanks!

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  1. Low-key but excellent describes Chameleon Cafe to a "T". http://www.thechameleoncafe.com/

    Salt is good, but less low-key due to its crowds, at least at prime weekend hours. Peter's Inn would be another option.

    1. True is very low-key.
      Brasserie Tatin is very expensive.
      How about La Cazuela? Very low-key, still upbeat and great value.

      1. Taste is not very good. Given it a couple chances, been very underwhelmed. Wasn't too impressed with Brasserie Tatin, either. b, in Bolton Hill, is very understated and very good. I also second the Chameleon Cafe.


        1. I completly agree with the Chameleon rec.... they are amazingly good....tied for first for fave place with....

          (near the park area on Montford) Birches. Without a doubt my other fave place for a dinner.

          1. i would echo comments on b and chameleon. also, i had the pleasure of visiting jack's bistro in canton this week. they opened recently, but i believe you'd have a great time. the menu offers all sorts of different things, veggie entrees, short ribs, curry dishes, broiled skate... they offer a nice wine list, fun coctails and cool desserts (we tried lavender peppercorn ice cream for dessert-- awesome!) entrees won't be more than $22 bucks, you can wear jeans or dress up. the staff is really friendly and helpful. weeknights bring different specials (tuesday is homemade pretzel night--lobster is another special night)... they're very new, but really seem to have it together!

            have fun and happy birthday!

            1. Henninger's Tavern has that cool back table that you can reserve, I think it seats up to 8!