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Dinner in Tustin/Santa Ana?

We get together with friends for dinner once every few months- one time where we are, in Newport Beach area, the next in their area- Tustin/Santa Ana. We usually go to Zov's but it's our turn to pick a place, and wondered where else we could try. Thanks!

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  1. How about Japanese pub food? Honda Ya is terrific.

    Down the street, there's Black Sheep Bistro for upscale-ish dining.

    Around the corner, there's Haveli for Punjabi food.

    For Italian, there's Pina's Bistro, Barolo Cafe, and Roma D'italia.

    All these are in a one square mile patch of Tustin. I normally give addresses and more description, but don't have time right now. Hope that gives you a starting point.

    1. antonello--near the big mall -- very special

      1. I second Honda-Ya. When I hear Tustin, that's the first place I think of.

        Here's a review I did a while back with photos.

        Or if you like sushi, check out Sushi 5. It's a revolving sushi bar! But don't let that turn you off. It's quite good.

        1. Uuko for sushi
          I second Haveli
          Taco Adobe in Santa Ana is quite good

          1. If you're looking for something in Newport Beach, I would definitely try something fun and different, like Muldoon's Irish Pub right across from Fashion Island. It's much nicer than your typical pub so it's great for a small group of people, and has delicious food. There's also Roy's Seafood and the new Blue Coral restaurants that are located in the Fashion Island parking lot across from Macy's. Both of these have an excellent atmosphere and GREAT seafood. If you go to Roy's, I would highly suggest the pot stickers (i am not a fan of pot stickers in general, but seriously, these are to die for!). Happy eating!

            1. We love to go to Nieuport 17 but only on Sunday night when they serve real, pan fried chicken to order. It is wonderful. For noisy and delicious Italian, go to Roma d'Italia. For delicious Persian food not too far from there, go to Caspian (5 fwy at Culver) in Irvine.

              1. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Any ideas for a good steak in that area?

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                  I'll second the suggestion of Honda Ya, it's an awesome hangout joint. You would definitely wanna call in and make a reservation though.

                  And if you like Honda Ya, there's an alternative in Foundtain Valley as well -- Shinshengumi Yakitori

                  The only Steakhouse I tried and can vouch for is Ruth Chris in Irvine --

                  There's some sort of Top 10 list of steakhouse in OC...

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                    IN the center opposite where Zov's is is "Sevens" steakhouse. Really great. The building used to be a Tony Roma's. They have great steaks, all different cuts, lamb, and wonderful sides---the lobster risotto is to die for! I highly recommend it!

                  2. What Darya for some Persian food? I think they're also near the South Coast Plaza.

                    1. If you go to Muldoon's, order the sweet potato fries, they're really good !

                      1. Black Sheep Bistro or Roma D'Italia, both in Tustin, both outstanding!

                        1. I have to disagree with the Sevens recommendation. We found the decor to be very stark, the service and the food only okay.