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What's your favorite breakfast?

I love breakfast foods, but i hate eating a lot in the morning...if i had it my way I would eat breakfast foods for lunch or dinner instead! But I think my favorite breakfast food meal would be some scrambled egg beaters with peppers, mushrooms, garlic ect....some homefries...toast and oj...YUM!

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  1. on a normal day - high fiber cereal with some fruit. best start to the day ever. even better though is going out to get fried eggs with some toast. and a huge cup of coffee. yummmmmm

    1. Rolled oats/Scottish porridge oats w/a little peanut butter and some whole fruit on the side. Keeps me satisfied till lunchtime.

      1. On a rare occasion (two or three times a year.) I actually eat breakfast,

        my favorite:

        gyros, 2 over easy eggs, hash browns, toast.

        1. My favorite breakfast is crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, tomatoes out of the garden, and dry toast.

          1. Lately, I've been preparing a meuslix mix for the next day. Greek yogurt with organic meuslix, toasted walnuts and pistachios, raw honey, some small cubed apples or asian pears, and a splash of soy (or regular) milk. It sits in the fridge overnight, and becomes a healthy, scrumptious mush in the morning.

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              That sounds so wonderful. I'm frustrated with myself for not taking the time to put something like this together in the evening. Something to work on for sure. My go to breakfrast is corn mush or steel cut oats.

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                debbiel, no need to prepare the evening before - you can make a big batch whenever, eat it then, and then keep it the rest for 2 days. I personally thing it tastes even better after 2 days. :)

            2. Belgian waffle with scrambled eggs and bacon on the side.

              1. I love breakfast any time of day. My perfect meal is as follows:
                An omlette with cheese, asparagus, and sausage, a side of crispy bacon, homefries(with onion and peppers mixed in) a couple of fluffy pancakes, sourdough toast, and a hot, but not too hot, bloody mary. Can anyone top that, lol?

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                  mmm, that sounds divine! I like big breakfast later in a day - not earlier than noon. That's why NYC is so great - breakfast served 24 hours. My favorite time of day to eat fullmonty breakfast is 4am after all night partying and then go home and sleep - bad for the waistline of course.

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                    definately my favorite time too. I see I forgot something xica14 reminded me a side of biscuits & gravy with extra link sausage to dunk in the gravy. If you're going to do it do it all the way. AHHHHH Then sleep. It's really only a food lovers dream, my SO would kill me before I could get half of it down. Oh well!!!!

                  1. Steel cut oats w/dried cranberries

                    1. I enjoy traditional Irish breakfasts, especially the black pudding and the mushrooms.

                      Basically anything with runny eggs that i can dip some bread or pork product in. Huevos rancheros are great too.

                      Breakfast burritos with fresh crema, cheses, eggs, ham and refried beans are another favourite.

                      A big steaming bowl of Pho and a cafe sua da is my hangover breakfast remedy, delicious too.

                      A real bagel with good butter and belly lox is my NYC breakfast of choice with a nice cup of Zabars coffee and the times.

                      That said, my usual breakfast is a bowl of Kashi Heart cereal, a cup of black coffee and iether a cup of juice or a piece of fruit. However its nice to mix things up.

                      Oh and i must have my bacon cooked soft, none of this crispy nonsense. you cant taste the fat that way.

                      1. Crisp waffles with real maple syrup, bacon on the side, mimosas!

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                          not bad especially the mimosa part :)

                        2. I like breakfast foods, but I also hate to eat a lot in the morning. I've been very happy with 6 ounces of Fage Total 0% with a spoonful of honey or jam and a cup of tea (decaf these days) with some half-and-half. High protein, low carb, keeps me going until lunchtime without any energy highs or lows. If I eat a traditional high-carb breakfast (cereal, pancakes/waffles or eggs with potatoes, toast, etc.) I feel loggy at first and then hungry for the rest of the day.

                          1. I only eat breakfast on days I don't go to work. Then it's usually a bagel with good cheese and several cups of freshly brewed tea. If there's good fruit in season, I'll have a bowl of that with yogurt and honey on top. Or if it's a cold morning, I'll have a bowl of oats, preferably slow-cooked oat groats, with honey, dried cranberries and prunes.

                            1. Steel-cut oats on weekdays, with a fresh orange and/or Fuji apple, and eggs on weekends. I do love to do the whole Southern thing with over-easy or basted eggs, sausage or bacon, grits, biscuits. I also like doing either omelets or scrambled eggs with stuff in them: lox trimmings, ham, crumbled cooked sausage, fresh salsa, cheese, sautéed chicken livers and hearts. I love frittatas, too, but Mrs. O has told me she doesn't care for crispy egg. And one time recently I'd had more ground pork than I needed for a recipe, so I made some bulk sausage, and then toasted some Trader Joe's whole-wheat "British Muffins", steamed some eggs in ramekins, fried sausage patties and sliced some cheese, and Voila! Our very own homemade Sausage McMuffins! Silly fun, and really good.

                              1. growing up asian, a good breakfast to me is a nice hot bowl of noodle soup, or some kind of soup with rice and other sides. every once in a while though, i will enjoy a nice eggs benedict - or my favorite, crabcakes benedict. generally though, i must stick with savory for breakfast.

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                                  Ya know I used to think soup for breakfast sounded funny till I heard so many people living to old ages had miso soup every morning.Might be a coincidence,but eating too much in the morning really weighs your day down unless you got a job where your busting your butt.I hope this doesn't sound too ignorant.

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                                    If you're going to eat too much, it's better to do it earlier in the day, so that your body has time to use up the energy or at least process it. Eating loads right before you go to bed is hard on your digestive system. Your body is constantly metabolizing, but the system slows immensely during sleep, so bottom line... best way to eat is more early, but then again, who always does what's best?

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                                      When I went to Korea for a month and a half when I was 13 years old, the biggest adjustment was getting up and eating breakfast every morning. Until then, I usually skipped breakfast. But over there, the biggest meal was breakfast. My relatives would always have a huge spread for us when we woke up. Of course, it wasn't eggs, cheese, and bacon but rather fish, rice, kimchi, other vegetables and a little soup.

                                  2. fruit oatmeal grits or cold cereal toast coffee or tea

                                    1. my fav breakfast items.. (never eat breakfast during the work week, just coffee)

                                      eggs benedict with smoked salmon instead of canadian bacon

                                      crab quiche

                                      corned beef hash (not the canned stuff)

                                      and pepper bacon!

                                      1. Filipino sausages (longanisa) with garlic fried rice and fried egg overeasy. yummy.

                                        1. I eat breakfast foods anytime but breakfast. I like dinner food in the morning.

                                          In the breakfast food category:
                                          Cottage cheese with fresh fruit
                                          Pancakes (preferably with bananas in them)
                                          Muffin tops (or small muffins)
                                          Eggbeaters omelettes or huevos rancheros
                                          Yogurt parfaits (with Fage 0%)

                                          Foods eaten at breakfast:
                                          Hummus with carrots
                                          Leftover noodles, Asian or otherwise
                                          Veggie soup/chili
                                          Steamed veggie dumplings
                                          Veggie "unfried" rice
                                          Inari sushi

                                          1. Egg white omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions. On the side, steamed broccoli and cauliflower.

                                            Oatmeal/Egg White Pancakes post-workout... one serving of oats, five egg whites, cinnamon, splenda, and vanilla... fry in non-greased skillet... served with a little sugar-free maple syrup

                                            Cottage cheese mixed with a little barley, cinnamon, splenda, and vanilla, then heated til the cottage cheese becomes a bit gooey.

                                            For the unhealthy, a gooey cinnamon roll with gobs of icing and gobs of cinnamony-sugary-buttery filling. Or, a couple of glazed old-fashioned donuts (with the crimpy scalloped edges) from my favorite place---the only place I'll eat them from.

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                                              Your description makes me want to go to the mall and get a Cinnabon for breakfast tomorrow.

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                                                Me too :-)

                                                I'm certain that crack goes in their starter dough...

                                            2. If I'm eating breakfast in a restaurant, my fav may vary depending on where I'm eating, but among my favorite eating-out breakfasts are:

                                              Half order of biscuits and gravy (biscuits _must_ be hot and fluffy; gravy must have lots of sausage hunks; and the pepper shaker on the table better be full!)

                                              Two eggs scrambled hard, half a rasher of extra crispy bacon, dry rye toast, strawberry jam or orange marmalade

                                              Still hot Belgian waffle with whipped honey butter and warm real maple syrup

                                              Buttermilk blueberry pancakes with whipped honey butter and warm real maple syrup

                                              Strata or omelet

                                              At home, breakfast usually consists of things like:

                                              Special K mixed with lemon yogurt

                                              Steel cut Irish oatmeal with dried fruit

                                              Rye toast and a couple of kiwis

                                              A slice of leftover pizza, cold or just barely warmed in microzapper

                                              Cold meatloaf sandwich with ketchup

                                              Hard scrambled eggs with cheese and ketchup

                                              I've been known to leave Kansas City at 4 a.m. and drive 300 miles to have breakfast at Colony Inn in Amana, Iowa. Served family-style, it's a roll-out-the-door meal complete with a bowl of fresh fruit (in season, or otherwise other fruit), a plate-sized buttermilk pancake, platter of sunny-side-up eggs (so fresh you'd swear they were laid that morning!), a platter with Amana sausage and Amana bacon, a bowl of superb homefries, toast, juice, and coffee. I've been eating breakfast there whenever I could since 1954. Divine!

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                                                Well Amana is 1173 miles from me and about 19 hours, otherwise I'd be there in the morning.
                                                So, I guess I'll get busy making that meatloaf. (My second favorite breakfast!)

                                              2. Yeast-raised waffles (baking powder waffles need not apply), the famed Fanny Farmer recipe.

                                                French-style scrambled eggs spooned over English muffins.

                                                Corned beef hash, freshly made and browned and spiced correctly.

                                                Country sausages from Edwards in Surrey, Virginia.

                                                1. Anybody ever have breakfast in Germany? They have amazing yogurts, mueslix, hearty breads with a spread of good cheeses, cuts of meat, and my personally most memorable, a chopped raw meat and onion spread (sounds gross, but so good!) with good butter on a warm white roll. Even the most simple ingredients taste so good there!

                                                  1. If I'm eating semi-healthy, I love fresh blueberries mixed into vanilla yogurt.

                                                    For a splurge, give me a scrapple sandwich: 2 pieces of scrapple with a (or two) fried egg, american cheese, ketchup on either white toast or a kaiser roll.

                                                    1. Normally my breakfast is a cup of coffee. Perhaps a yogurt if I'm lucky. But on certain weekends, I love a full breakfast:
                                                      1) Bacon, half cooked soft, half cooked crispy
                                                      2) sausages, of which:
                                                      a) breakfast links
                                                      b) black pudding or morcilla
                                                      c) white pudding (when available)
                                                      3) fried bread
                                                      4) fried tomato
                                                      5) sauteed mushrooms
                                                      6) creamy scrambled eggs, otherwise over-easy
                                                      7) cheese
                                                      8) paté
                                                      9) Everything topped with either ketchup and/or hot sauce and/or brown sauce
                                                      Normally when I have a breakfast like this, it's around noontime and I only have a small supper afterwards. It's meant to keep me going throughout the day, especially when I have a busy afternoon ahead and won't be able to eat until well after my normal dinner time. I've had it 3 Saturdays in a row, however, and have started to gain weight, so I think I may have to stay off the full monty for a while!

                                                      1. On weekdays (I eat breakfast every day!)
                                                        Whole wheat english muffin toasted with PB&J, yogurt or fruit on the side
                                                        Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal with fried blueberries and (sometimes) a small spoonful of PB
                                                        Yogurt, fresh cut fruit and Kashi cereal in a bowl
                                                        Guilty pleasure - Bacon or Sausage, Egg and Cheese Lean Pockets with a ton of ketchup!
                                                        Everything bagel toasted with veggie cream cheese (only occasionally!)

                                                        On weekends
                                                        Egg and "Meat" McMuffins - my boyfriend's homemade version is down to a science by now. We'll use whatever meat is handy.
                                                        Belgian Waffles, from the waffle maker
                                                        Egg scramble - using whatever is in the fridge at the time

                                                        Out to eat
                                                        My latest thing is Corned Beef Hash with two eggs over easy and buttery toast
                                                        Otherwise I usually defer to an omelette or some sort of scramble, consisting of lots of veggies and bacon or sausage

                                                        And a few memorable breakfasts, in particular:
                                                        Traditional Scottish Breakfast, eaten in Auchterarder, Scotland - Black Pudding, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, bangers, fried eggs, toast, fresh marmalade, fry bread and hot tea with milk. SO.GOOD.
                                                        Breakfast burrito from Nico's drive thru in Tucson - got me through college (and got me 50 extra pounds, too)
                                                        Gyros scamble at the Uptown Bar in Minneapolis. With a bloody, of course. Spicy!
                                                        Biscuits and gravy heated on the grill while tailgating for Golden Gopher football

                                                        1. Make some yellow grits. Use plenty of butter, and make 'em on the soft side.
                                                          Saute a diced tomato with a diced small onion and a diced stalk of celery in about a tablespoon of real butter. Shake a little thyme on it. Salt and fresh ground pepper, oh, my yes.
                                                          Gently scramble 2 eggs in, yes, another pat of butter. Mmmm. You COULD scramble them in the pan with the veggies, but you have more than one frying pan - crack it out.

                                                          Ok, now spread the steaming hot grits (don't bother with the upscale stone ground for this - just the yellow cornmeal will do nicely) on a plate. Top with the sauteed veggies. Toss the scrambled eggs on top. Grate some cheese on top of that - Parm, cheddar - what are you in the mood for?

                                                          Open the Sunday paper, take up a fork, and you're set for the day... a pot of hot tea goes nicely. As would a beer, if you threw some green chilies in with the veggies . . .

                                                          1. I tried a bowl of miso soup with mung bean noodles and tea for breakfast this morning and it was a nice change to have something light like that,but strangly satisfying.Im gonna have to do this more often.Thanks for sharing soypower!

                                                            1. Chilaquiles (red) with a fried egg on top. Now I want some. I'll have to make it this weekend.

                                                              1. My favorite is a cup of strong Cafe con Leche served with buttered whole grain toast, some queso blanco and a few slivers of guava paste.

                                                                1. A full English....but I must admit its more likely to be a dinner treat than a breakfast one. However once in a while on a Sunday morning I can pull off a plate of
                                                                  Back bacon, pork sasauge, HP baked beans, mushroom, fried tomato, fried egg and of course a slice or two of fried bread - I'd love to add black (or white) pudding to the mix but I'll reserve that addition until I head back to England on holiday!

                                                                  Oh and a couple of mugs of a decent black tea(with milk and sugar of course)

                                                                  1. My favorite breakfast lately has been what we call in my family the "full" breakfast. Biscuits or multi-grain bread, some combo of sausage, ham, bacon, baked beans, eggs (over easy) (I would eat eggs every morning if I could).


                                                                    1. Cranberry banana toast. Take some peanut butter, honey and grapenuts and mix them together in a small bowl. Spread on a piece of wheat toast. Sprinkle some dried cranberries on top (TJ's has some Mandarin orange flavored ones that I like). Finally place half a sliced banana on top.

                                                                      The banana is soft and sweet, the cranberries are tangy and chewy, the peanut butter and honey is sweet and creamy with the grapenuts adding crunch. What more could I want from breakfast?

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                                                                        I do a variation on that - crunchy PB, dried cranberries or cherries, sliced banana. Sometimes I add cinnamon. When I'm feeling really indulgent, I sprinkle some graham cracker or gingersnap crumbs on top.

                                                                        1. re: piccola

                                                                          Thanks for the suggestions. They sound great, I'll have to try them right away.

                                                                      2. My favorite breakfast is :
                                                                        Traditional Eggs Benedict with homemade Hollandaise - the eggs have to be poached just right.
                                                                        Hash Browns crispy
                                                                        Fresh Squeezed orange juice
                                                                        Mumm's Champagne

                                                                        Then - back to bed for a nap!

                                                                        1. At home: Quick oats, uncooked with Soy Milk and Mauritian Muscovado dark brown sugar. I started eating the oats raw when I was too young to understand that they're usually cooked. Fruit drink with bananas, oranges, pears, mango, OJ and guava juice.

                                                                          Out: anything with eggs, jalapenos and good biscuits. FSOJ. Cappuccino.

                                                                          1. I would love to have beignets and coffee from Cafe duMonde every morning; but,
                                                                            that only rarely happens. My kitchen is used to a once-in-a-blue-moon breakfast of
                                                                            a Benedict Omelet, hominy grits loaded with butter and black pepper, homemade
                                                                            biscuits, grilled pineapple, coffee, and either a Bloody Mary or Mimosa for dessert.

                                                                            1. My favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, cream cheese and scallions served with a pile of hashbrowns, coffee cake(instead of toast), coffee and fresh OJ. This is from a local place called The 5 Spot and I go there every year for my birthday and order this for breakfast.

                                                                              1. ok here goes from someone that lives in the South
                                                                                cheese grits
                                                                                large butter biscuits with honey
                                                                                omelet with sausage and red bell peppers
                                                                                large glass of cold milk
                                                                                hot chocolate