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Jan 30, 2007 06:47 PM

Need a new casual dinner spot (Vancouver west side)

Yep, got a babysitter and now we just need a fun easy place to dine some where in the neighbourhood. We like the Modern Club, Flying Tiger, Burgoo and Ouzeri. Feenie's is just overall a bit too much (money, action, hipness). We still mourn Henri's Kitchen.

Any ideas for something else?

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  1. No need to mourn Henry's Kitchen; it has just moved to the mall at 25th and Oak.

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    1. re: J and V

      Oh, thanks and hooray. I looked in the window ther a few months ago and the space looked empty. So they ARE up and running now? What's it like?

    2. go to the place that took over from Henri's. La Buca. amazing italian bisto food. not quite as casual i.e. cheap as the other spots but if you just went for the pasta it would be ok