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Jan 30, 2007 06:40 PM

The best seats in a restaurant?

My husband and I always like to sit at the bar when possible when we go out to eat, unless there is an open kitchen I do like to see what's going on and sit near the "action".
I know so many diners like the seeing and being seen aspect of dining out.
Do you love/hate communal tables?
What do you all think?

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  1. Honestly, I am the worst eavesdropper, so sitting at a communal table pulls me away from my own personal conversation. i love it, however, my husband hates it...

    1. Much depends on the design of the restaurant. Is the bar comfortable enough to sit down for a couple of hours and be able to speak with your dining companion or is it rushed? Are the majority of people at the bar eating or mainly drinking. For the most part, I dislike sitting at the bar and perhaps having a crowd of drinkers three deep waiting to order cocktails. Give me a nice spacious table with my own waiter(ess) anytime over the bar. I don't need to schmooze with the bartender while he's mixing cocktails.

      As for communal tables, again it depends on the room and who is sitting next to me. For the most part, I prefer my own table with my honey or friends.

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        Other than college, the only communal tables I remember are at a Japanese steak Habachi resto and two resto from my childhood in Lancaster PA (Seven Sweets and Seven Sours and Miller's). So communal tables are a non starter for the Jfood clan.

        When I travel on business I sometimes eat alone and depending on my mood, i ask for a table or eat at the bar. I normally bring a book and am not into sharing my life story with anyone so I read or watch the game on the bar TV. Or i speak with my wife quietly on my cell phone (subject for other threads). Hate to evesdrop on other conversations and try my darnedest not too but some people speak so loud. I sometimes have to use my cell just to block out their loud talking.