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Jan 30, 2007 05:57 PM

LUNCH! Around Azusa

I work in the city of Azusa, ya I know, not the culinary hotbed. In fact there are a few ok places for food, specially mexican. I would LOVE! Some suggestions for lunch in and around Azusa (Duarte, Glendora, Covina,?) for new places to try and your favorite picks.... BRING IT ON!

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  1. Just noticed a review of a branch of Dino's, the hot (HOT, HOT) chicken place that opened recently on Arrow Highway, I think near Azusa Avenue. There was a sort of Gourmet Fast Food place in that location I kept maning to try and never got around to it. I intend to make the trek there ASAP (and do some shopping at Gigante while I'm at it), but you're perfectly welcome to beat me to it if you want to. We will expect a report...

    here's the link:

    1. Yeah, Dino's is definitely a good option.

      Can also try Dagwood's (right off the 210 on Irwindale Ave.) and Sandwich City (on Citrus Ave in Covina).

      For something more formal, you can try Off Citrus (corner of Italia and Citrus in Covina).

      1. I agree with Dino's and with Off Citrus. You should also check out Tulipanos. A nice family run restaurant with really good food. The restaurant link is below:

        The link for Off Citrus is:

        If you're willing to make the drive to West Covina, you'll run into Hong Kong Plaza (on Glendora Ave) and there you'll find an Indonesian Food Court, Penang Malaysian Cuisine, Kru Thai as well as other Asian restaurants. See links to pictures to two of the restaurants below:


        368 Noodle House

        If you're a big meat eater, there's Green Field Churrascaria which is up Azusa Avenue, also in West Covina. The restaurant link is below:

        For really good pizza, there's Petrillo's in Glendora (PETRILLO'S: 2 1/2 stars, 750 W. Route 66, Glendora, (626) 335-1289.


        If you like fast food Filipino, Pinoy Kitchen on Huntington Drive and Highland is pretty good.

        Anyway, that's all I can think of for now.

        Happy Dining!

        1. Wow Dino's sounds amazing. Gonna have to try it soon. Never been to Off Citrus, any menu suggestions?

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            Off Citrus' menu changes quite a bit and I haven't been since last summer. But when I was there, I really enjoyed the pork chops and the risotto. Burger wasn't too shabby either.

          2. Dino's is not only good for chicken - they basically kept the entire menu of ted's place ( the prior occupant ) and added the chicken ( which, btw, has still not been actually "added" to the menu..but it's there and it tastes great !!! )

            as mentioned petrillo's - the's in my top 5 in all of so cal...there sausage is awesome !! i personally like the pizza thin and crispy which they will do for you.

            someone mentioned hong kong plaza....that is a relatively long drive but good food.

            across from azusa pacific on route 66 you have b-man's terriyaki ...i think there burgers are big on lettuce, small on meat for the money, but i think their terriyaki bowls are great. next door to b-man's is a bbq place...i use that term loosely...especially for the bbq hounds - it's more like grilling then bbq, but they make decent chicken...a little pricey but good.

            speaking of bbq - i think the pulled pork at canyon city is some of the best bbq you'll find in all of so cal.

            not sure if it's formally azusa - it might be irwindale - you can get a quick bite at costco...hey don't knock it - a decent dog and a soda for $1.50 !!!!

            for mexican - on citrus and cypress you have la parilla....i've eaten there once and i liked it - the homemade tortilla's are awesome. marguerita's...well...small and pricey.

            take a long lunch break and hit the movies on citrus and route 66 ...$3.50 can you beat that !!!

            for a sweet always got donut man in glendora...also a bakery on glendora..forgot the name...but it's in old town glendora ( north of route 66 ) on the westside of the dtreet....a few doors up is a nice restaurant Friscella's ..i believe it's called - decent bbq...i like the homemade potato chips.

            let me tell you...there are some real gems in and around azusa !!

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              Second Canyon City for BBQ. I prefer their brisket, but the pork is mighty fine swine.