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Jan 30, 2007 05:41 PM

a good vinaigrette needed

hi everyone!

does anyone have a good, tried and true vinaigrette that they could share with me? i'm having a fondue party with some girlfriends and i want to bring a salad that will round out the meal as well as help cut through the cheesy goodness of the fondue. so something light, bright and acidic.

i have yet to make a vinaigrette that i've been happy with. they either come out too acidic or boring.

i have a large bottle of champagne vinegar i could use, but it's not necessary.


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  1. My favourite standby:

    1 T vinegar (I use balsamic, but I'm sure your champagne vinegar would also be lovely)
    fleur de sel
    3 T oil (I use extra-virgin olive oil)
    1 T dijon mustard

    1. In a small bowl/dish, dissolve about 1/2 t salt into the vinegar. Add the oil and mustard and whisk. THe dressing should be come quite thick.
    2. Add pepper to taste.

    You can use whatever oils/vinegars you prefer, but the key to a tasty vinaigrette is a 3:1 oil to vinegar ratio. I like the mustard because it ups the kick and emulsifies it. :)

      1. re: orangewasabi

        I would go with the above recipe but add
        1 T Vinegar
        1 T Maple Syrup
        Also you can sub one egg yolk for mustard depending on the taste you are going for

      2. Current stand by is -

        juice and zest of a lemon
        olive oil
        salt and pepper

        Stick it all in a blender and let it go until smooth. You can then serve as is, or starin it to loose any seeds skin etc from the tomato. Personally I leave it as is and it is bringing a new life to salads.

        you could easily add the champagne vinegar instead of the lemon, or even as well as, and mustard could easily be worked in without to much trouble.

        1. I've been approached to bottle and sell this, which is way too complicated a proposition. I do end up making it up in huge batches though and giving it away. Here's the basic recipe which is entirely adjustable to your taste.

          White wine vineagar and Balsamic Vineagr in whatever proportion that suits you. I do 1:1.

          A dash of soy sauce. 1/2 a smashed anchovie,

          Sugar to taste.

          1t or more (to taste) dijon mustard

          1 garlic clove mashed to a paste

          salt and pepper

          Process in food processor. Stop and taste it and adjust if necessary.

          Add good evoo with motor running to emulsify.

          I also make a tomato vinaigrette in the summer with garden tomatoes that is very similar to rob133's. I usually marinate the tomato in vinegar and garlic ala Marcella Hazan for an hour or two. I also usually add some Parm Reg.

          1. Since the Meyer Lemons are in season, I have been making this delicious, simple vinaigrette that everyone adores.

            Allow 1 1/2 TBS dressing per person. This recipe serves 2-3. You can double, triple, or make as much as you need.

            Whisk together in a small bowl or place in a small glass jar:

            1 TBS Meyer Lemon Juice
            Zest from 1/2 Meyer Lemon
            1 tsp Dijon Mustard whole grain
            1/2 tsp salt
            1 tsp honey or sugar
            1/8 tsp freshly ground pepper
            1/2 tsp Herbes de Provence

            Whisk in slowly or add to jar and shake:

            2 TBS EVOO