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Jan 30, 2007 05:39 PM


Anyone been? What's the word?

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  1. There's a thread on Cibo from a couple of months ago. It's the only one I remember seeing on the board. [I should note that I was the original poster, but a couple of other people posted about their experiences there.]

    If you're interested, just scroll back, take your chances with chowhound's search function, or use Google's advance search (limiting responses to this site) to find it.

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      I've tried it and I was disappointed. First off, the lighting was harsh and it felt like I was at a lunch joint. I also thought the portions were really small- and I'm from NYC. I think there are some areas for improvement, but certainly has potential.

      1. re: ChristineR

        I noted the small portion sizes, too—not just compared to NYC, but also to the sizes of "primo" portions in Italy. [I found the link to my original report: ].

        The ambience was off-putting when I dined there, too. Since they'd just opened, they seemed to be assembling the equipment and doing staff training as our party was dining in the almost empty, very industrial-looking dining room. But I tried to bracket out the goings-on to concentrate on the food.

        I'm curious, though. What did you have there? How was it executed? What gave you hope? I haven't been back since that first visit.


    2. Thanks. I tried the search function and came up with one deleted posting and one posting of someone who said it had just opened (but had never been). I just assumed that was all there was!

      1. I've been twice now and enjoyed both visits. Once for dinner and once for lunch. For dinner I had a rolled pork belly that was just the right combo of meaty and fatty. For lunch I had a tagaletelli (sp) with rabbit ragu that was full of flavor. My companion had a nice risotto for lunch (I can't remember what she had for dinner). The lighting didn't bother me, but then it usually doesn't. It's not a top dining spot in Austin, but the food is different (for Austin at least) and good so I like it.

        1. I was looking at Cibo's menu on line and I don't understand where fish can be $45.00-$65.00?? Please someone explain.

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            Those fish prices you mention appear to refer to a grilled whole yellowtail snapper, along with sides of grilled polenta and roasted squashes, that either serves two people ($41) or four ($62). That's my best guess, anyway.

            More alarming is that their delicious bistecca fiorentina no longer appears on the menu. This steak was also expensive ($75). However, it was big enough to easily serve two as a main course or three as a secondo—a meat or fish course that follows the primi (small pasta courses).

          2. We went to Cibo once last week for lunch and as far as I'm concerned I well never go back again. The BW feels like she might want to give it one more chance. Got the gnocchi, was good, rich but a small portion. They do not offer bread, restuarant is just too severe for me, service was like someone had just walked in the door and said I want to be a waitress, ie, very non involved, plopped bowl of food down on table and walked off.The place has no atmosphere, it is just there, or, should I say, there is not "there" there. BW's pannine was very flat, about 1 " thick and somewhat tasteless. She did get some pickled veggies and a very unteresting side of salad. I asked for bread and it was given and was actually good bread. No extras like a bowl of olive oil on table, etc. They have long way to go to match Traviata or Enoteca. If WP doesn't make it with this one he should give up.

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              Note DR gave Cibo 2 stars in today's XL . Shot over the bow for Packwood.