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Jan 30, 2007 04:58 PM

Your fave sandwiches using your panini press?

What are your favorite recipes for sandwiches made with your panini press? I'm looking for innovative recip4e ideas with simple yet inventive ingredient combinations. Please share!

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  1. I make the following regularly:

    caprese panini (my wife's favorite) -- sliced roma tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, torn-up fresh basil leaves, and fresh ground pepper

    zucchini panini -- same as caprese but with "planks" of zucchini instead of tomatoes. It's a good idea to slice the zucchini lengthwise (hence the term "planks") and then grill before making the sandwiches

    portabello panini -- same as above but with grilled portabello mushrooms.

    1. A couple of faves:
      1) Strong cheddar (or brie) with apples
      2) Strong cheddar with a spicy berry jam
      3) Provolone with roasted red peppers & hummous

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        Throw in a few slices of bacon on jcanncuk #1 on rye with a smidge of honey mustard and you have my fave! You can try and browse their recipes- yum!
        Also if you don't have fresh tomatoes there is a fabulous sundried tomato spread in the Publix produce section that is amazing with some boars head chicken and mozz cheese!

      2. i stole this from Tupelo restuarant in Asheville. Pimento Cheese, huge tomato slice, and dukes mayo on sourdough. so very good.

        1. I made traditional grilled cheese for dinner tonight and thought how lovely it would be to use a press - I made w/smoked turkey, smoked Gouda, sharp cheddar and a thin slice of tomato. Good w/ a but of grainy mustard.

          1. I helped 'cater' my parents anniversary party this weekend and made a bunch of paninis, cut into strips and secured with a toothpick. I used a good foccacia and made three versions:

            1) Grilled chicken, mozzarella with a basil and pimento mayo
            2) Thinly shaved grilled beef tenderloin with caramalized onions, fontina and hot garlic mustard
            3) Roasted red pepper, marinated artichoke hearts, balasmic marinated portabellos and rosemary herbed goat cheese

            People seemed to like them.

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              Did you try to serve those hot, or are they good at room temp? Wondering how you served a group.