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Jan 30, 2007 04:52 PM


I'm trying to plan a rehearsal dinner and had a very negative experience this afternoon with Clancy's.

I would think that a restaurant would be excited about the opportunity to serve a large group, but the person who took my call was very rude. In fact, he seemed determined to talk me out of bringing my business to Clancy's. The conversation left a very bad taste in my mouth, and I'm inclined to not only never visit Clancy's but to also to actively discourage others from going there.

Is this the norm at Clancy's, or did I just catch someone on a bad day?

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  1. Clancy's is a neighborhood restaurant with tons of regulars like Rao's in NYC. Do they even have facilities for a private dinner for a large group? They should have made that clear when you spoke to them.

    1. Clancy's does have a private room, Tonto. In fact, that's why I called them. I told the guy that we thought we'd have about 20 people in our party, and he said that was probably too big because the private room could comfortably seat only 18. I told him that 20 was an estimate, and that we could well have fewer than that. He didn't seem to care. I then asked him about whether they could prepare vegetarian entrees, because I had been told that they were great in working with vegetarians, and he only mumbled something about making a pasta with vegetables. Again, he seemed determined to talk me out of coming to his restaurant.

      Maybe they're happy with the business they're getting, but they won't be getting mine.

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        They're not the sort of place designed to do group catering business...don't fault them for not being what you want. With the lack of tourists in town, many other restaurants would be happy with your large party. Do you need a place in the same neighborhood?

      2. Hi, Celeste. I'm really not trying to fault Clancy's for not being what I'm looking for. Clancy's had been enthusiastically recommended to me by an employee at another restaurant, and the negative experience left me wondering why. If they don't want to entertain large groups even though they have a room for that purpose, that's cool. But there are nice ways and rude ways to point folks in another direction, and the Clancy's employee I talked to chose the latter route. Because a couple of people have already risen to their defense, I'm guessing that I just caught someone on a bad day.

        But yes, I am looking for a place for my rehearsal dinner in the Uptown neighborhood. We're having the rehearsal and wedding at Rosy's Jazz Hall, so closer to Rosy's would be better. Our budget is also a little tight --- no more than $50 per person for everything. In truth, I suspect that Clancy's probably wasn't our place to begin with, but I figured they were worth calling because they had been recommended so enthusiastically.

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          I would chalk it up to a surly employee on a bad day. I would hope Clancy's would have the wherewithal to fire rude employees, or at least not having them answer the phone, but firing employees in New Orleans is a luxury most restaurants can't afford post Katrina. It's sad, but true. It's unpleasant that you had to deal with that, but it's not worth a personal vendetta against the restaurant because of one "off" phone call.

          1. re: HalfShell

            Good points, HalfShell. I won't go out of my way to recommend them, but I also shouldn't actively discourage others from supporting the restaurant base on this one bad experience.

            Who knows. I may even pay them a visit sometime. Thanks for helping to put things in perspective.

        2. What about Commander's? They know how to handle large parties, have a large variety of seating options available, and I'll bet that you can work out a menu that will meet your budget and nutritional needs. Big parties are hard on small restaurants, so think about larger venues when considering where to do this.

          1. That is too bad about Clancy's. I go there often and love the place but once in a while I do get someone on the phone when making a reservation who is rushing me and who sounds like a short order cook in the middle of a Manhattan lunch hour. They can be abrupt on the phone I will admit but I would hate for that to ruin your chances of having a great dinner at Clancy's. The upstairs rooms are perfect for a big group. What about going there in person and asking for Nash. He is very kind