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Jan 30, 2007 04:47 PM

Midway Lunch Spot between Santa Monica and Palm Springs?

Looking for suggestions of good places to have lunch midway between Santa Monica and Palm Springs. We drive from Santa Monica to meet my dad who is coming from Palm Springs. Last time we met at the Mission Inn in Riverside but it seemed like our drive was much longer because of traffic. I was considering Golden Triangle in Whittier, which is our favorite, but wondered if there might be something more equally located. My dad said that his getting too old to drive in LA traffic.

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  1. Why not have him drive to to the Metro Stop in San Berdu ' (I believe it's the Gold Line) and tell him to jump on the train to the Pasedena stop where there a ton of places you can take him. He can also continue on to Union Station. Dine in the lovely patio at Traxx located right there. Or if he's into making a connection he can hop onto the Freeway Flyer (again at Union Station) and you can pick him up at LAX and wine n' dine him at the beach.
    I've done it, (in reverse) it's actually fun.

    1. The furthest East that the Gold Line goes is Pasadena. You would have to take the Metro Link or Amtrak from San Berdu which would bring him into LA but, not Pasadena.

      1. I think having my dad drive and then take a metro is too much for him. Is there a good place to meet midway?

        1. Have you ever been to the Dal Rae in Pico Rivera? Great 50's vibe and food is not bad either.

          1. Thank you, the Dal Rae looks great. Just checked with my dad and Pico Rivera and Whittier are too far. Some suggested Claremont. So I will check on that, too.

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              How about Owen's Bistro, in Chino, off the 60, south on Central about 1.5 miles. I think they are open for lunch, but better call and check.