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Jan 1, 2007 08:36 PM

Taqueria Santa Rosa (split from Lepe's Santa Rosa thread)

I prefer Taqueria on Menocino over Lepe's any day !!! Salsa at Taq the best ever.

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  1. By Taqueria... I suppose you mean Taqueria Santa Rosa? If so its okay, nothing special (their tacos are actually quite mediocre, beans are fabulous, I will go back & try the various prawn dishes).

    The places that Melanie has written about along Sebastopol Rd are significantly better... I was fairly impressed with Antojitos La Texanita.

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      Update on Taqueria Santa Rosa.... I was hoping to try Los Magos restaurant... but I was running late so I hit T.S.R. a few blocks away. A sampling of Al Pastor, Lengua & Cabeza... found the Cabeza to be the clear winner, something I would definitely have again.

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        You went to the location on Stony Point Road? In the same shopping center as Pho Vietnam.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          No, I live near the TSR by Oliver's Market... I had intended to hit Los Magos on my way to Fairfield (through Sonoma) but it was too out of the way, and I was to late.

          I am about to head out to Sacramento, so I am going to stop at a Taqueria called Los Primos in Kenwood (I've seen their truck around S.R.)... will report later.

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            Gosh, didn't know there was one in Montecito center, and I found a website -

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              Alright.... I guess my observational skills are pretty low. There is a Taqueria Los Primos in Sonoma not Kenwood, and a Taqueria el Primo truck in Kendwood (gasoline station adjacent to Doce Lunas restaurant) both on Highway 12.

              I hit the truck after not seeing a bricks & mortar Los Primos in Kenwood... it was decent, the tacos were cheap but too light on meat... not my favored proportion. Not particularly recommended.

              Now, in addition to being encouraged to join a pyramid scheme by the young guy manning the griddle... I learned that all the food of taco trucks in Santa Rosa are "fixed" by a central depot... at least thats what the older gent who seemed to manage it (perhaps "own" it) said.

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                I'm learning much about the ins and outs of taco trucks chasing the ones in Salinas before they become a thing of the past. Mobile food vendors of this type are required to use an approved commissary for storage and preparation of food and supplies. In the past I've noticed that many of the trucks in the Santa Rosa area have various street addresses on Coffey Lane painted on their cabs. I assume this is the licensed commissary. Some commissaries allow the people to do their own cooking. Some trucks are owned by restaurants and rely on the parent restaurant for commissary services. For years, I've meant to go by that part of Coffey Lane to get a behind the scenes look, but never made it. Since your Spanish is considerably better than mine, feel free to scoop me on it.

      2. we live in sonoma and I've often eaten food from Los Primos on H'way 12 - not the truck. It's ok nothing very special apart from their flan which is superb if you like your flan on the rich and heavier side. The best local truck I've come across , and I haven't tried many, is La Bamba. I'm not sure where they are during the day but in the evening they are just behind the mexican grocery store on west side of 12 near mountain road. You can't see it easily from the road but look out for the store and you'll find it. It's just before the traffic lights when heading north. Their food is great and spicy but not much choice

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          Hey JOM... what is your favorite Mexican place in Sonoma (and please don't say the place that is right off the square.... I forget the name but it is suppossedly Mayan in inspiration.... not even close).

        2. I thought that the Mendicino ave and the Middle Rincon were run by differnt families with differnt menus. Is that wrong? I also thought that one was called Santa Rosa Taqueria and the other Taqueria Santa Rosa. Is that also wrong. Lepes and the Middle Rincon TSR are fairly close to my house I go to TSR fairly regularly However, If I have time I would drive past both Lepes and TSR to go to El Azteca

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            Both sites have the same logo, same name & seem to be part of the same chain... I have no idea if there is some kind of family rift.

            Where is El Azteca?

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              El Azteca, is that on Santa Rosa Avenue ? Why is it so good? Thx.

            2. No its on Airway just off Piner. The score for ambiance is close to zero but the rice and beans are great the salsa bar is excellent