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Jan 30, 2007 04:25 PM

Josie must haves?

Taking a friend tonight for a birthday. I had trout there the last time, which was incredibly good. Thanks.

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    1. re: djdebs

      I second this recommendation. Too often, venison is gamy. It is definitely not that at Josie.

    2. Truffle french fries.
      Sepia and merguez sausage starter.
      Whatever dessert sounds good to you - they're all good.

      1. Agree about the fries; they're excellent. Also, was there on Saturday and they had a Kurobuta pork chop on special, which was phenomenal. I generally also like the tangine short ribs, and the warm vegetable salad appetizer. For dessert, the sticky pumpkin cake, and the chocolate bread pudding (which is really closer to a souffle) are my favorites.

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        1. re: David Kahn

          Yes, the tagine of short ribs with couscous/veggies are phenomenal and almost too rich... For dessert, the trio of pot de creme (dark, white, and milk chocolate when we dined there) were well received...

          1. re: silence9

            Second the short ribs - it's definitely phenomenal.

          2. re: David Kahn

            The chocolate bread pudding (in my personal last meal catagory) without a doubt.

          3. The only thing I've ever really liked at Josie was they had a winter or spring vegetable salad that was the prettiest salad I've ever seen, it had vegetables in all the different colors of the rainbow. Other than that I think Josie is one of the most overrated joints in town.

            1. Agreed on the truffle french fries - can't say much about anything else (I've only gone there on their Wednesday Farmer's Market prix-fixe, which changes every week.)