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Jan 30, 2007 04:25 PM

Anyone know if Gallo's Grill is ever re-opening?

Or did it re-open already and I just didn't hear?

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  1. BrookeN said in an earlier thread (see link below) that Gallo's Grill was rebiulding and intended to reopen in early 2007. I hope BrookeN is right.

    1. I had, frankly, given up hope, but based on recent chatter, I just stopped by to see. Gallos Grill is still boarded up, but I spoke to a very nice young woman working in a pastry shop in the little plaza just to the east, and she said they are definitely planning to reopen, hopefully later this year. It's a great little corner of the city to visit anyway (with Liliana's, La Azteca, El Gallo Bakery, and Raspados Zacateca all within a block or so); I'll try to check in a bit more regularly to see if there are signs of progress. (Hell, I'd head down on a weekend with a hammer and nails if it would help.)

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        Me too, then we could cool off with a Raspado de Coco (my favorite) at Raspados Zacatecas!