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Jan 30, 2007 04:21 PM

in search of curry like you'd get in jolly old england

a british pal is wondering where to get indian or pakastani curries that are typical of what's served in england. any bay area brits out there want to weigh in? near berkeley would be great!


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  1. I'm a British transplant, and Kabana in Berkeley at University and San Pablo is the best Pakistani food I've had on the other side of the bay. Cheers !

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    1. re: osho

      Kabana's curry tends to be swimming in oil. Is that the British style?

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Curry swimming in oil is available at Shalimar. Kabana's style is much closer to the real deal. And after a few pints of bitter .... :-)

    2. i thought my friend said something about the curries being more creamy or something but i'm not sure...she did say that there was something distinct about indian food in england that she was hoping to find here. osho, how specifically does kabana's food remind you of indian food in england?

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      1. re: peony

        Most "curry houses" in London are run by people of Bangladeshi origin. They do not believe in serving food with a layer of oil, and the flavours are more distinct. Melanie has alluded to the creaminess, which is a feature of Moghlai cooking, very distinct from the run-of-the-mill curry house in Blighty.

      2. What I think you're seeking iis creamy, ghee-laden Bangladeshi style curry, if that helps local hounds zone in.

          1. re: peony

            >thanks for clarifying!
            nicely punned.

            was it waverly root who said "france is divided into 3 regions: oil, butter, fat" [pace julius caesar]?

            i wonder if there is a comparable generalization for india. anyway, in additon to ghee, you
            might see more mustard oil.

            anybody seen any poppy seed dishes in indian restaurants around here?
            i just had a relly, really good, "creamy" silk gourd-poppy seed curry [jhinga-posto,
            for bengali speakers] but it was due to my mother. i dont remember cafe dhaka
            down south making any "posto" dishes ... which seems odd to me.

            BTW, I left a link to an article about sylhet/london restaurants at:

            1. re: psb

              Thank you SO much for posting that link!!!!! You have no idea how often I crave my mother's cooking and haven't been able to find any South Asian restaurants that serve specifically Bangladeshi food.

              If anyone can find mishti doi (sweet yogurt), please do let me know. The only place I've found anything close to the traditional was in Jackson Heights, NY and unfortunately they had added food coloring to mimic the pinkish hue the yogurt gets from the earthenware bowls it is usually made in.

              And, personal question for psb - are you bengali?

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  I'm fairly new to CH and can't begin to express how thoroughly impressed I am by how dedicated people on this site are to finding great food. I would have never have guessed that someone would organize an event around Bengali food because although there is a decent-sized population in the Bay area, I would not expect there to be enough of a demand for shorshay ilish and the like beyond said population.

                  You guys are spectacular and I am heading over there first chance I get. Thank you!

                  p.s. That doi did not look right at all.

                  1. re: adrienne156

                    We've been on a hunt for regional South Asian food for a few years now trying to break out of generic "North Indian", "South Indian", or Pakistani food. Please do remember to post when you have a chance to try Cafe Dhaka or any other finds. And, yes, our Bengali-in-residence said the mishti doi was artificially colored. I liked it, claimed the leftover portion.

                  2. re: Melanie Wong

                    I thought there was a Bengali restaurant near Polk, no? I seem to remember a chowdown or something with Melanie a few years ago, I think during some marathon Indian food tasting? Can't remember the name...

                    1. re: chaddict

                      Amazing what search will do: Indian Aroma.

                  3. re: adrienne156

                    >If anyone can find mishti doi (sweet yogurt)
                    there is some discussion of doi in general and mishti doi in particular
                    elsewhere in that cafe dhaka thread.

                    >And, personal question for psb - are you bengali?
                    yes, although i dont like rosogolla or ilish maach.


              1. My British coworker from Manchester absolutely loves Tandoor Kitchen on Telegraph, 1 block south of Dwight. I've only been once and thought it was decent.