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Jan 30, 2007 04:20 PM

Kohn's Deli - St. Louis

I'm looking for the lowdown on this place. I was passing by yesterday and had to take a peek. I ended up chowing on a superb beef pastrami on rye. The pastrami was as colorful as it ws tasty. Nice and peppery w/ a brilliant rosy tint made it one of the best sandwiches I've had in a while. What is the history of this place and what other good "chow" experiences might you have had here?

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  1. Kohn's is pretty much the only remaining kosher restaurant in St. Louis. It's been around since 1963. I don't keep kosher, but I do love Kohn's for sandwiches, cold cuts and other deli items.

    1. Lenny Kohn's brownies are the best parve brownies in town. His eggpant salad is great, too.
      Lenny's parents started (at least in my memories) across the street. Lenny & his wife ran a dairy restaurant for several years, right down the street (No Bull Cafe). Then the present free-standing building was built. Lenny does excellent catering & carries a decent selection of frozen kosher sausages, all kinds of stuff. My only complaint would be that the Sunday brunch buffet, while o.k. to good the first time, never seems to change offerings.
      I do prefer the meat at Diamants, on North & South in U.City.

      1. I made the pilgrimage last Friday to Kohn's for a corned beef sandwich for lunch. I'd been assured it was the best around.

        In short, it was terrible. It was heated in a microwave, and Kohn's itself was rundown and filthy. I am not Kosher, so that was not the overriding factor in my decision to eat there. If I was, however, I would certainly be hoping for a better example to hit the scenes in St. Louis.

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          Run down and filthy? Granted, I haven't been inside for several months, but that just doesn't sound right. Anyone else been to Kohn's recently and seen a decline?

        2. I have to admit, it was a bit wooly when I was in there. Behind the counter seemed okay but the dining area was in disarray and the floor was a bit untidy shall we say. My thought was that as was getting my sandwich to go that I wouldn't eat it there regardless.