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Jan 30, 2007 04:18 PM

Where to host a 50th anniversary

WE are hosting our parents 50th anniversary in Philadelphia. Probably 30 to 40 guests for a lunch or brunch. Not being familiar with the Philly restaurant scene was wondering about suggestions for an elegant and delicious meal that could accomodate us. Any suggestions?

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  1. Are there any price considerations? I assume, given the age of most of the crowd, that a place that's not too noisy, and doesn't have a lot of steps, would be preferred?

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      Yes it will probably be an older crowd so noise would be a factor. Price is not a huge factor although we don't need it exhorbinant. Thanks.

    2. We went to a delightful lunch on the ground level of Lacroix, in the Rittenhouse. It was a small party, about the size you mention. I don't know if this space is still available; if it is, it would be perfect. I had inquired about it for an occasion we were hosting, but we had 60 people and they don't take that many.

      Another suggestion would be to contact Four Seasons and see if they have a small room available.

      Either of these places would be elegant and delicious.

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      1. Brassiere Perrier has a beautiful room upstairs - we had a surprise b-day party there for my wife. Not sure about brunch, but give them a call!

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        1. Estia has private rooms downstairs. Besides the smaller wine vault room, the ambience is not nearly as nice at the main dining area, but I am sure the food is just as excellent.

          I looked into the space for an event, which turned out to be out of my price range, but I am sure it would be on par with the other choices listed here. The staff were very nice.

          Another choice to consider for this size group is the Moshulu.

          1. I don't know if you'd be willing to venture outside the city limits, but if you're willing to head out into the burbs, you might consider the restaurant at Simon Pearce Glassblowing. If you saw the movie, "Sweet Home Alabama", they based that place on the Simon Pearce location in Vermont. Their newest restaraunt is right on the Brandywine, just a few miles from Longwood Gardens. The food is fantastic and the setting is wonderful, day or night. Their website is and from there, click on restaurants, then select the link for the Brandywine location. My niece had her rehearsal dinner there and another relative was so impressed, she arranged for her parents 50th wedding anniversary to be held there. Both visits were extraordinary.