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Jan 30, 2007 04:11 PM

Vegetarian low-cook breakfast ideas please!

Please save me from breakfast bars! I normally get to my office very early and have a Clif or a protein bar for breakfast. I'm really getting sick of these and am looking for other things to eat. What can I take to work that involves not much packing at home (I usually have to pack lunch in any case) and little or no effort to prepare at the office? We do have a toaster oven, a microwave and a hotpot at the office. There is also a Trader Joe's nearby, so if there are particular breakfasts from there that you like, please let me know.

By the way, I'm vegetarian, and try to get at least some protein in my morning meal, so if it has a goodly bit of protein, all the better. I'm not a vegan, so things involving egg and cheese are good too.

Thanks so much.

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  1. It depends on whether you're into sweet or savoury. But you can try these (all of which get my sceal of approval):

    Instant/canned black bean soup or minestrone
    Gardenburger (or is it Morningstar Farms?) frozen burritos
    Brown rice with vanilla yogurt
    Cottage cheese with fruit
    Babybel cheese with V8
    Trail mix and fruit
    Quesadillas (reheat in the toaster oven)
    Steamed veggie buns (either frozen or leftover)
    These guys
    This stuff

    That's a good start.

    1. I like to make oatmeal or quinoa at home, mix it with almond butter, maybe a little vanilla and a touch of sugar or honey and add frozen raspberries to the warm oatmeal. By the time you get to work the warm oatmeal will have defrosted the berries and it will be moist due to the water in the frozen berries.
      Another option is to premake a batch of muesli - oats, yogurt, dried fruit, nuts, vanilla, can keep this mixture in the fridge and take out a daily portion.
      Brown rice cakes with slices of cheese and a little jam are good too.

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        Big fan of the muesli idea. I have a selecton of nuts, pepitas, dried fruits - dates, cranberries, raisins, apricots and some oatmeal at my desk in little jars. I make up a daily plate in the morning - usually adding a banana, peach or apple and then I drown it in soy milk. Delicious.

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          I like the Ezekiel Bread too. I'm using it for lunch today with lox :)

        2. Thanks, those are all great suggestions. For the record, I prefer savory to sweet, though I don't mind a sweet breakfast every now and then. Piccola, the brown rice and yogurt suggestion reminds me of our typical breakfast when I was growing up in South India -- cold rice with plain yogurt, which we would eat with very spicy lime pickle! Most of my American friends don't think this very appetizing, but invariably love it when they try.

          1. i second the peanut butter (no jelly, its just sugar) on ezekial or any good bread. you can also take quaker or some oatmeal and put it in a to-go cup with hot water. by the time you get to the office itll be ready to go. of course, i dont personally think this is a good way to start your morning but if you really cant do anything else, itll do i suppose. but, if you eat eggs, why dont you just hardboil a bunch and then take them to work with you? or, you could toss a hardboiled egg in there with the oatmeal in your cup. do NOT try this with hardcore oat products like steel cut or anything, tho. you only want old-fashioned or instant (tho instant is not really healthy at all) oats for this approach since they dont require the intense heat and time that the less processed oat products do.