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Jan 30, 2007 04:10 PM

Rehearsal Dinner in BOOTHBAY HARBOR??

I'm looking to plan a classic New England lobsterbake for a rehearsal dinner in late September. Our wedding will be at the Spruce Point Inn and my pipedream was to have our (mostly Californian) guests taken by boat from the Inn's dock to some idylic setting with amazing food for a true taste of Maine. Cabbage Island Clambakes ( seemed like just the ticket, but they're booked that weekend. I'm in San Francisco dreaming of early fall in Maine and eager for any suggestions from locals in the know!!!

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  1. Call the local tourism board. They will have some suggestions for you. I got married down the road at the Newagen Seaside in last October. We catered our own rehearsal dinner at the Linekin Bay Resort. I believe that they can do a lobsterbake. Talk to the Spruce Point (probaby already have :) ) and they may have some suggestions as well. It is a lovely place to get married. If you haven't already picked one, Sweet Sensations did a wonderful job with our cake.

    1. Consider Boothbay Bistro...they have rooftop dining and it might be warm enough to catch the great views from up there... and if your party is small enough, 93 Townsend downtown.