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Jan 30, 2007 04:07 PM

Two Nights in Colonia Roma

We're planning to spend two nights in Colonia Roma in Mexico City this coming July. I have heard that the restaurant at Casa Lamm is excellent. I'd like to know more from those who've been there.
A few years ago, we ate at Contramar, but it left me cold. Crowded and noisy, plus I did not order well. Bistro Mosaico was interesting, but I wouldn't go there again.
Where is the new branch of El Bajío in the Condesa-Roma area?


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  1. El Bajío has a branch in Centro Comercial Parque Delta (Ave Cuahtemoc 462, just south of the Viaducto) 5538-4733.

    1. Thanks for that info, uriburi. I have at last located the El Bajío website, although it has not been updated to show the two new locations.

      1. If you liked Bistro Mosaico, there are two other nice bistros nearby: Photo Bistro (Citlaltépetl 23 corner with Amsterdam) and Bistrot Rojo (Amsterdam 70).
        For another place with typical food (this time from Puebla), consider Casa Merlos (off Observatorio behind the large Preparatoria). They open only for comida and they close Mon-Wed. Check the NYT (Jan 28) for a review.

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          That is not a review. It's a mess. See the thread devoted to it here: