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Jan 30, 2007 03:39 PM

Flavorwave Oven Deluxe

Has anyone used the Flavorware Oven Deluxe? It looks good on TV. I was wondering if anyone has had positive or negative experiences with this product.

Here is a link to their website:

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    Back many years ago, I had one of them glass bowl ovens (Nasco - American Harvest) that never really cooked right for me. Something about the heat blowing down on the food didn't cook the bottom of the food all that well. It never lived up to the claims of even cooking or cooking at any shorter times.

    Although your specified product claims to have added infrared technology, it concentrates all the heat, directly on the top of the food. I doubt the even cooking in this case.

    My bottom line is, I think it is a rehash of the old stuff with the same old problems. Not necessarly junk but a dissappointment, none the less. Mine made decent baked potatoes if I turned them over after 25 minutes and cooked them for another 25. It is something I would not trust cooking poultry or meats in.


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      I was given one as a wedding present. It is really great. I have been cooking with that more than the oven. I cooks the food a little faster than the oven, saves energy, and doesn't heat the whole house. It is worth it. You can probably find a good deal for one if you search around.

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        someone cooked vegetables for me in one of these last year.
        They let them go just a hair too long and they were burned and dried out.

        For the money and space to store it.. this is one I'll pass on.

      2. The flavorwve is remarkable I use it everyday it is money well spent and worth every penny you can cook everything in it and cleanup is a breeze. I like mine so much I bought my daughter ones and they love them too.

        1. I haven't used the oven deluxe but I have used flavorware cook ware and it is wonderful