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Jan 30, 2007 03:38 PM

Food type gifts to send to Midwest, non- chowhound?

This may be an unusual request -

I would like to send some food related gifts with my BF who is going to visit his mother in a small town in Missouri. She is pretty routinized in her eating and doesn't cook much, living alone. She eats mostly frozen dinners. Her favorite food is bbq steak and I know she likes good english muffins b/c she received some that she loves from Kansas City (wegerman's or something).

Some thoughts I had are
1) Special steak sauce-- Does anyone have any favorites I can buy here in SF? I was going to start at Whole Foods

2) Fresh baked almond cookies-- I was going to buy them from Golden Gate Bakery. Are there bettter ones somewhere else?

3) Some Jam--- June Taylor. I'm not sure where I can find these though by Friday. Any leads would be great.

Any other ideas of what would be appreciated in Missouri?

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  1. How about something from Frog Hollow, they make super good preserves and have great gift baskets that you could send-

    Also, Boulange on Cole or Polk make a great assortment of macaroons that transport well and the almond butter cookies with a slight hint of lemon that are divine. You could send these quit easily. I send them to my corporate office and they love me.

    for locations- the best places to buy are Polk Street or Cole in Cole Valley.

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    1. re: Lori SF

      I checked out the site-- so many kinds! Any favorite preserves you're tried? Thanks!

      1. re: rln

        sounds like she has specific foods she is comfortable with so I recommend these

        Peach Conserve- this you can put on anything- toast, in yogurt, on pancakes, etc
        Cherry Conserve - so good on turkey or pork , maybe it give those frozen dishes a punch.

    2. I picked up some great mustard at the Ferry Building two weeks ago....Dulcet Cuisine Madras Curry Mustard. I forget the name of the store I bought it at, but it's near to the southern end of the building in one of the stores that should be open all week. This mustard won the Napa competition last year.

      Anyway, I made some salad dressing with it and it's great. I really like this mustard. I think a small jar costs 7 dollars.

      In general, other Ferry Building goodies would be good to send.

      Dave MP

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        I love the mustard idea! Perfect. Thank you. Tea, I considered too but my BF says she likes her standard Lipton--- so, I'll have to check this place out just for myself.

      2. Another idea is Leland Tea Company. Nice teas, and you can make your own custom blends and make your own labels for them. I did this for my parents this December, and it ended up being a nice gift. They are on Bush between Polk and Van Ness

        Dave MP

          1. Wolfermann's are probably the english muffins she likes. I have no clue as to what a BBQ syeak is, somehow it does not compute. Steak slow smoked until it is falling off of the bone just does not work. The meat will dry out and toughen. Try and either order some gift certificates or just order some meals to be delivered. Chef prepared and no work to hdat. Not a TV dinner but real food.

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            1. re: Candy

              Depending on what part of Missouri, it could be a reference to BBQ pork steaks, a standard item in the greater St. Louis area. And, yes, it's wolfermann's.

              I would recommend the peach conserve from the Frog Hollow (would go well with those massive english muffins). What about coffee?

              1. re: Candy

                BBQ steak can mean something as simple (and good) as charcoal broiled on a grill. Yes, I know that real BBQ is long, slow cooking with wood smoke but the popular use of the word includes grilling, at least it does back there.