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Jan 30, 2007 03:18 PM

A real German Bakery, A real German pretzel

Does anyone know of a real German bakery in Southern California? I know about Baltic for commercial bread, and I know that Alpine Village has some items. None of these places make a real pretzel. And by a real pretzel I do not mean ahything at Dodger Stadium or some of the cute pretzel shops.


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  1. Rockenwagner? I know nothing about their origins, but they do have a lot of pretzel bread.

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      The pretzel rolls at Rockenwagner are the closest thing I've found to the pretzels I get in Munich. These rolls do not last long, so plan on eating them the same day you buy them because they seem to dry out pretty quickly. But they are very good.

    2. Old World Village in Huntington Beach. In looking over the menu, they aren't listed, but I had a party there and they served them for me, so they must either make them or know where to get them. Good luck.

      1. Shreiner's German deli in Montrose might have what you're looking for. I'd call first though.

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          Schreiner's have mostly packaged breads and sweet rolls, not much fresh-baked. Try next door at Berolina, which, though Swedish, may have the bread you want. Pretzels, not so much, no.

        2. I dunno, the La Brea Bread Co makes a decent soft pretzel. Some Gelson's carry them.

          The best I have had come from the Santa Barbara Baking Co. The head baker is German. I bought about 200 and they delivered them hot for my wedding, to the site. They were nice. It cost around $60 bucks.

          1. It might be a drive for you ... but I enjoy the pretzels and streudal from the following establishment ... they also have the best gingerbread houses around for the holidays:

            Streit's German Bakery
            7900 E Imperial Hwy
            Dny CA 90242-3435

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            1. re: lilygirl

              This is not far from where I work, so I was excited to give it a try today. It was a disaster. They had more "day old" stuff than freshly baked stuff and most of the pretzels in the "day old" bin had mold. In the freshly baked area, they had no pretzels, but they had some pretzel rolls. I got one with cheese and another plain one. They were not horrible, but they also did not hold a candle to the ones I get at Rockenwagner. They had some deli meats, but when I looked at the sandwich making area, it was filthy and, more importantly, the ingredients did not look particularly high quality. I was also hoping for some harder-to-find German packaged foods (candy and the like), but they did not have that. Big disappointment.