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Jan 30, 2007 03:15 PM

Jury duty ... next week ... Criminal Courts Building ... downtown Los Angeles ...

Looking for good spots to try on a juror's lunch hour.

I like everything, but try and eat low-carb during the week (which sort of eliminates sushi and other Asian where rice or noodles is essential to enjoying the meal).

I'd prefer to walk, but I guess I can move my car.

I know about Olvera Street and Phillippe's The Original.

That's pretty limiting.

How about the seafood places back on Central ... anyone think I can make if over there on a juror's lunch hour (about an hour and a half, IIRC)?

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  1. Fisherman's on Central is pretty crowded, but try Catch 22 just across the street, same side of Central.
    Fare very comparable to Fisherman's.
    Place never crowded, decent chow, very underrated in this Honorable Board.

    1. An hour is not much - I faced the same problem while on jury duty a few years back.
      I ended up walking to Disney Hall & MOCA across the street - decent sandwiches and salads - fast self serve - Splichal venues.

      1. If you're at the CCB, you're a very easy walk to Chinatown. Take Spring Street (on the east side of the building; it's a much flatter walk than Broadway). If you feel like dim sum, you can go to Ocean Seafood. Better still, go to OK Seafood, which is located on the ground floor of the same building.

        OK has great lunch specials for around $4.95, including an excellent hot and sour soup and all the jasmine rice you would care to eat. My advice would be to splurge and get the scrambled egg shrimp (probably around $6.95) for the best version you will ever have tasted. If you've never had this before, trust me! You will hope to get on a jury just so you can go back to have it again!

        1. Rice isn't essential to a nice sashimi lunch...check out Sushi Go 55.

          Good tacos, burritos and tortas are a short walk away at the Grand Central Market (3rd & Broadway). I'm partial to Ana Maria's. Tacos Tumbras a Tomas is pretty much the same (same owners, slight menu variation but same recipes). Good taco & burrito combo plates at Roast to Go as well.

          1. Jurors actually get an hour and a half, which extends your options wonderfully. During the couple of times I've been there/done that, I usually take the opportunity for a good brisk walk (having had the luck to do this in walking weather!), and more often than not head down to Chinatown or Olvera Street. The latter is quite a bit closer, and tacos and other things made out of tortillas have a deep appeal to me when I'm feeling Lunchy. There's a nice cheap place at the south end whose name I don't remember, which is highly recommended by everybody on this list, and is always full when I show up, so I've never eaten there. At the north end are La Golondrina and another place whose name escapes me, both a bit fancier and more expensive, LG especially. The other place, ???, has good service, a covered outdoor seating area, handmade tortillas and pretty good food.

            A legendary lunch joint, which I am frankly amazed nobody's mentioned yet, is Philippe The Original just a bit down the street. I recommend the lamb dip (with plenty of that blazing mustard) and the excellent potato salad.

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              "Jurors actually get an hour and a half, which extends your options wonderfully."

              And really, in my experience on jury duty, the hour-and-a-half is the MINIMUM... if they reach a good break point at 11:30 as opposed to noon, you'll get two hours.