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Jan 30, 2007 03:07 PM

new to the belle harbor/howard beach area

any good restaurants to try?

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  1. New Park Pizza, Lenny's is okay, Captain Mikes has decent crab. The big Chinese buffet place and Kennedy's should be avoided.

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    1. re: bigmackdaddy

      We tried Lenny's last year and didn't care for it too much. How does Vincent's compare to Lenny's?

    2. really? kennedys? i have been there the food isn't bad but service is VERY slow. where is capt mikes??

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      1. re: winebarb

        capt mike's is on the water, basically a square bar covered with a tent. seating is on stools around the sides. as the other poster says, it's not open year-round. may - october is my guess. the crab is VERY fresh and the prices are good, and it's definitely a fun experience on a nice day.

      2. Captain Mikes is next to the NYFD house on 158 35 Crossbay Blvd in Howard Beach. I don't think they open until May. It's a weird place. They claim to make "Cajun" style seafood, it sort of smacks of cajun but in reality it's tame. However, the crabs do taste pretty good and the beers are ice cold. There's also a diner on CrossBay. Except for the oatmeal and eggs it's not that great.

        1. I like Ginos on cross bay for lunch, they have pretty good pizza and great salads (I often crave the Portobella and Arugula and have to take a drive over there from Park Slope) My husband enjoys the small sandwiches they have in the front case. Sadly we have never tried the entrees but there are always tons of people eating in there so I'm assuming they are decent.

          1. thanks for the info- know anything about that asian fusion place on crossbay. i always pass it and i'm curious