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Inexpensive pre-theater in West 90s?

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I'm being taken to Lincoln Center, and was going to reciprocate by picking up the tab for dinner beforehand (preferably not too expensively). It seemed like a nice opportunity to dine 'way up further than I'd normally be, up in west 90th-110th Streets, and then we could come down.

Any ideas? I've run across recommendations for Metisse / Flor de Mayo / Gennaro... What's some place called Regional, on Broadway? I'm hoping for some place relatively quiet, open to almost anything except Chinese,Thai or Mexican.

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  1. Gennaro is very good - but hardly quiet - and beware it's cash only.

    Take a look at Turkuaz or Indus Valley (Turkish and Indian respectively) - both delicious.

    1. Try Alouette (on 97th/Broadway) or Ana's (102/Broadway). Both have interesting menus, with Ana's being a little more inventive. Also good are Carne (105th), Cafe du Soleil (104th), and Picnic, which is a little overpriced and precious, but very good. Pampa on 99th/Amsterdam is good Argentinian, but I wouldn't say it was quiet. The other places are quieter.

      Regional is decent Italian food with a focus on the different regions of Italy. Some find it hit-or-miss, but I enjoy it.

      1. I second Turkuaz. It's super affordable, but you won't feel out-of-place if you dress up for the theatre.

        You could also try Tokyo Pop, the new-ish sushi place on B'way and 105. I heard good things.

        1. noche mexicana on amsterdam and w102. inexpensive, huge portions and authentic.
          AMAZING!!! menupages.com.

          1. I would strongly recommend A (106 / Columbus). The food is excellent (french-carribean--the duck is excellent), the atmosphere cozy. Appetizers are ~$8 and entrees are ~$12 - 14. (You'll want to get both). it's cash only.

            I second Pampa, if you're super hungry (and in a red meat mood).

            1. For good inexpensive fare in that neighborhood, I would suggest Saigon Grill (Amsterdam and 90th or 89th), or El Malecon (97 and Amsterdam).

              Some of the places suggested above are really not inexpensive (e.g. Indus Valley and Alouettte and Gennaro) though they may well be very reasonably priced for what they offer.

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                I went to Indus Valley for dinner tonight. WITH TIP, it was $41 for two people, and we had plenty of food, including what seemed like unlimited refills of rice (two plates, with repeated offers of a third, if we wanted more). And the food was very good, just like it's been every time I've gone.

              2. It was hard for me to get back to a computer, but I just wanted to belatedly thank you all for the suggestions.

                As it happens, we ended up at Pisticci, up in the west 120s, and had a terrific meal, very reasonably. (Appetizer of creamy polenta with cheese, with the top crisped under a broiler for a change in texture, and entree of fantastic pasta topped with ragu of with lamb, spinach and ricotta.)

                But I really value your ideas for next time, particular Ana, which I never heard of, and A, which I heard of, but for some reason mistakenly thought was very pricey.

                  1. Correction - "A" is still in business and serving!!

                    1. genarro on 94 and amsterdam. italian. not to expensve.very good