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Jan 30, 2007 02:52 PM

Inexpensive pre-theater in West 90s?

I'm being taken to Lincoln Center, and was going to reciprocate by picking up the tab for dinner beforehand (preferably not too expensively). It seemed like a nice opportunity to dine 'way up further than I'd normally be, up in west 90th-110th Streets, and then we could come down.

Any ideas? I've run across recommendations for Metisse / Flor de Mayo / Gennaro... What's some place called Regional, on Broadway? I'm hoping for some place relatively quiet, open to almost anything except Chinese,Thai or Mexican.

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  1. Gennaro is very good - but hardly quiet - and beware it's cash only.

    Take a look at Turkuaz or Indus Valley (Turkish and Indian respectively) - both delicious.

    1. Try Alouette (on 97th/Broadway) or Ana's (102/Broadway). Both have interesting menus, with Ana's being a little more inventive. Also good are Carne (105th), Cafe du Soleil (104th), and Picnic, which is a little overpriced and precious, but very good. Pampa on 99th/Amsterdam is good Argentinian, but I wouldn't say it was quiet. The other places are quieter.

      Regional is decent Italian food with a focus on the different regions of Italy. Some find it hit-or-miss, but I enjoy it.

      1. I second Turkuaz. It's super affordable, but you won't feel out-of-place if you dress up for the theatre.

        You could also try Tokyo Pop, the new-ish sushi place on B'way and 105. I heard good things.

        1. noche mexicana on amsterdam and w102. inexpensive, huge portions and authentic.

          1. I would strongly recommend A (106 / Columbus). The food is excellent (french-carribean--the duck is excellent), the atmosphere cozy. Appetizers are ~$8 and entrees are ~$12 - 14. (You'll want to get both). it's cash only.

            I second Pampa, if you're super hungry (and in a red meat mood).