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Jan 30, 2007 02:51 PM

Scallion pancakes?

I used to live a couple of blocks away from an Ollie’s in NYC.

Sure the service was awful and most of the food was pretty bad, but it’s been years since I lived there…and I’m STILL dreaming about their scallion pancakes and steamed vegetable dumplings.

Is there anywhere in VA where I can get some yummy scallion pancakes and steamed vegetable dumplings? I haven’t found one and I’m desperate.

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  1. Scallion pancakes - I know for sure at Hong Kong Palace and at TemptAsian - betcha there are more.

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    1. You might want to check out A&J, which has a few locations across the area. They definately have scallion pancakes, especially the Rockville location, as mentioned in the City Guide:

      1. House of Emporer in Ashburn also have it. The ownership change mid to late last year, and it had since then became a real a Chinese restaurant. They feature a Chinese only menu for wkd brunch. But, it is likely, if you talk to the owner (James) , they may let you order some of the specialties on weekdays.
        Another option, you can buy them frozen in most asian stores and heat it up at home. Chose the Taiwanese brands, they are just as good.

        1. Hate the mention the obvious. Joe's Noodle has it. I've eaten it there on many occasions.

          1. worth calling Yuan Fu in Rockville Md - a great veggie Chinese place, not sure if they have tose exact items...