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Jan 30, 2007 02:32 PM

Best Korean in Cleveland?

I haven't had much Korean food (other than Momofuku in NYC, but that doesn't really count), and have never had it in Cleveland. Does anyone have any recommendations for good Korean in Cleveland? Does it exist!!?!?!

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  1. no, MOMOFUKO doesnt count as korean ;)

    does it exist in cle? oh come on --- suuuure.

    for right in clevo there are a couple i can think of to try, SEOUL HOT POT and KOREA TOWN. both are in the midtown chinatown area in the east 30's.

    sorry, i havent eaten in them in years, but i liked them back when i did.

    if you want ordering ideas i would suggest hot pots, pancakes, & anything with tofu. the stone crisped rice is a real treat. also, the easy starter dishes are bulgogi and kahlbi, both are sizzing beef plates. you can wrap the sliced meat in lettuce leaves and add some hot paste paste to your taste.

    to drink you want ob beer (yes that is pronounced as just the letters oh bee beer) which is korean budweiser, and you might want some soju, which is like sake but stronger. chamisul is a popular soju brand among others.

    ps -- dont forget right after you are seated you will get a variety of small plates of panchan, these are appetizers to get your palate going and include kimchi, pickled veggies, greens and fish. they are free and served automatically. keep it in mind when ordering.

    have fun -- i love korean food, esp in cold weather. please report back after you try them out.

    1. Oh it exists! The two Korean places I know of, Korea House (~ the 3900 block of superior) and Seoul Hot Pot (Payne ave, maybe the 30th block) are authentic. I have not been to the Seoul Hot Pot in a while -last time I tried to go, it was a sunday, and closed. Korea House is great, although some of the dishes do not blow we away (ie a spicy shreeded beef soup I had-too salty for me). They also tried on at least 2 visits to do that famous Asian restaurant characteristic of talking me down off spicy food or authentic dishes which is a huge personal pet peeve and irritant, as I have only had one meal in my life that was a little too spicy -It was Indian "medium for Indians...way too hot for Americans" warned the waiter ( I still ate it! It just took me 3 days) My favorite Korean meal was at the hot pot, but that was a few years ago. Both are reasonably priced, so try both and make your own decision.

      1. Korea House is one of my favorite restaurants of any kind in the entire city. They're fantastic. If you're familiar with Korean food and you're looking for something specific then I may or may not be able to help more. I've had some of the bbq dishes and wasn't really excited by them. I did however love the pork neck with "special sauce." Fantastic. I also wasn't crazy about the jap chae (sp?) Aside from that everything else there is incredible. Spicy monk fish, spicy squid, spicy buckwheat noodles, ramen noodle soup with sausage. Those are just a few of the items that I can remember. I've tried several more that I've judged to be excellent. There are precious few restaurants where I'm wowed as frequently as I am at Korea House.

        I like Seoul Hot Pot, too. They have a different style so it's nice to go there occasionally even if the quality isn't quite the same as at Korea House.

        1. A little late here, but others should know that both of these places are still around, and there is also the new Ha Ahn at 3030 Superior in the same building as Superior Pho. Korea House is still the best one.

          Most of the dishes I've had there are completely manageable on the spice, but there was one that was probably the hottest thing I've ever had in Cleveland. It was the one with the snails (written in the menu as "gai top shell") and pears in it. Good stuff, but very spicy. My favorite thing there is the whole corvina with the sticky sauce.

          1. Seoul Garden is in Akron, and its VERY VERY good. Their Kalbi, Bibimpap, chap chae. Actually.. there's not one bad thing on the menu. If you like pork\bacon, try their grilled pork belly.