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Speck in Astoria or Manhattan

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I had a taste of some speck on crostini (thanks to il bambino) and now i know what love is! i love this stuff. so my question, do you know of anywhere i can buy it as one would a deli meat? nicely thinly shaved by the pound? would prefer in astoria or the vicinity but manhattan will do too.

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  1. Try Sorriso on 30th ave and 44th street.

    1. Speck is a marvelous thing, yes! Sorriso sometimes has it; have you ever been to that Italian place in Chelsea Market? They *always* have it. They also have callebaut chocolate for 5 bux a pound.

      1. Harlem Fairway always has speck, cut to order at the deli counter, although I prefer to get mine at Mike's Deli on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx.

        1. For a Manhattan source it is hard to beat DiPaolo.

          1. i haven't been to any of the above so i might have to treck out to each and give it a go. there's a salumeria on 30th Ave in Astoria that i can't remember the name of, do you think they might have it? what about the place under the N train off Ditmars?

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              I was in Tony and Dave's (the store you are referring to) on 30th ave near 35th street. They carry imported speck for around $11 a pound.

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                thanks so much quentinC! i haven't been trecking out in the cold for fear of not finding it. now that you have a definite on Tony and Dave's i'll have to check it out.

            2. muncan's on bway in astoria.

              1. yeah, muncan's. broadway and near 43rd.

                1. All Balducci's stores sell Italian Speck.

                  1. Try Rosario's on 31 st and Ditmars. I know for sure that Colucchio's carry's it in Brooklyn