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Jan 30, 2007 02:26 PM

Speck in Astoria or Manhattan

I had a taste of some speck on crostini (thanks to il bambino) and now i know what love is! i love this stuff. so my question, do you know of anywhere i can buy it as one would a deli meat? nicely thinly shaved by the pound? would prefer in astoria or the vicinity but manhattan will do too.

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  1. Try Sorriso on 30th ave and 44th street.

    1. Speck is a marvelous thing, yes! Sorriso sometimes has it; have you ever been to that Italian place in Chelsea Market? They *always* have it. They also have callebaut chocolate for 5 bux a pound.

      1. Harlem Fairway always has speck, cut to order at the deli counter, although I prefer to get mine at Mike's Deli on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx.

        1. For a Manhattan source it is hard to beat DiPaolo.

          1. i haven't been to any of the above so i might have to treck out to each and give it a go. there's a salumeria on 30th Ave in Astoria that i can't remember the name of, do you think they might have it? what about the place under the N train off Ditmars?

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              I was in Tony and Dave's (the store you are referring to) on 30th ave near 35th street. They carry imported speck for around $11 a pound.

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                thanks so much quentinC! i haven't been trecking out in the cold for fear of not finding it. now that you have a definite on Tony and Dave's i'll have to check it out.