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Jan 30, 2007 02:25 PM

Courtyard Cafe


I am considering going to the Courtyard Cafe for dinner in a few weeks with the SO. I was there for tea recently and I thought the dining room looked gorgeous. However, I can't eat a room. Can anyone comment on the food there? Also, what is the average price for dinner for 2?


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  1. I went once. The room was much better than the food.

    1. I found the food to be expensive and banal.

      1. I have been there 3 times, one for lunch, one for dinner, one for bunch.
        Food is ok but not great, the bunch is kind of bad though. But those are all over 1 years ago. Not sure if it has been improved.

        Dinner for two probably around $160 + wine

        And I absolutely agree that the dinning room is very beautiful.

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          *sigh* I'm sorry to hear that it's unexceptionally overpriced. Is there any good food inside the Windsor Arms?

          1. re: Amber

            Lots of people like their teas. I don't find them worth the price.

            Personally, I don't think their food has been good since the seventies. It is particularly sad since they were once the pinnacle of both cuisine and buzz in Toronto. However, there really isn't any continuity between George Minden's Windsor Arms of the seventies and todays pretender. George Friedmann - who had promised to revive the place - ended up tearing it down. It's a new hotel with a fake "olde" ambiance and a historic name.

            Today's Courtyard is, indeed, a beautiful room, but it is derivative and, essentially fake. The Courtyard in the old Windsor Arms was its antithesis - modern and exciting.

        2. The room may seem impressive at first glance but they don't take care of it. We were there for lunch yesterday (Winterlicious) and saw all kinds of cobwebs (makes you wonder how clean the place really is) and borken light bulbs.

          And then there is the snooty hostess who refused to move us to a different table even though the place was half empty. We have done many Winterlicious and Summerlicious meals; never were we treated like we were there for a handout.

          Finally, if you think the food may make it worth the abuse, you'd be wrong. It's not terrible but certainly not anything to write home (or on CHOW) about!! There were only 2 dessert choices on the Winterlicious lunch menu ($20 each). The chocolate terrine was ordinary, and the almond poppyseed cake should be renamed dry poppyseed dense muffin, or almond hockey puck. It was served upside down - maybe to hide the fact that it was a hastily slapped together muffin, with some pretty good rhubarb compote. Maybe they ran out of baking powder and baking soda, and were low on eggs that day. Or maybe the pastry chef quit!!!

          1. The one true sign of class is the ability to make others feel at ease. Apparently CC lacks that.