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Jan 30, 2007 02:15 PM

Good Brazillian, outside Boston? Woburn?

Was this mentioned recently? Can't find it when searching. I know about several in Lowell and a great one in Manchester NH but always looking for others. Does anyone know of other in Mass, not Boston (West Coast Grill - been there).

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  1. Framingham has a plethora of Brazilian restaurants. The largets Br population outside Brazil. Cafe Brazil is my barometer and none of them compare. Most are buffets, pay by the pound and some offer the meats carved at the table(Ipanema and the new, untried Brasilis) Also two bakeries I can vouch for are The laughing oven and the other one on Waverly St(Rt.135).
    Pampas in Worcester is also quite good.

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      Ipanema, which used to be in Southboro, is probably the largest of the Brazilians in the area.. I've never been to either the old or the new locations. It's one of those, "drove-by-it a million times kind of places". What's your opinion on it trufflehound? .....and btw, lol, how come you haven't been to Truffles?

    2. I haven't been to Ipanema in a couple years. Went oce on a Friday, meats a blazing and it was fresh and very good. Went again during the week and the meats had been sitting atound, lacking that sizzle. I haven't ordered from the menu. They have had legal troubles lately with serving the underage and over imbibed.
      Just never think of Truffles when looking for fine dining in Milford.

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        Thanks for the feedback.

        Re: Truffles, I've never been either but I think they purport to be fine(r) dining.

      2. I've tried Tudo na Brasa (new Brazilian pay-per-plate buffet style small restaurant) in Woburn Center and was very happy. It's the first Brazilian barbecue place I've been to, though, so no idea how it compares. There's another new Brazilian barbecue place that's also on Main St but in N. Woburn, which I believe is fixed price (much more expensive) and they bring the meat to your table - I haven't tried it.

        1. There is a new one in Framingham called Brassille. It is ok- great codfish appetizers; nice caiparinhas, brazilian beer, ok buffet and decent meats. Delicious flan for dessert. It is $17.95 per person dinner- all you can eat. If you want to go to the counter to get your meat instead of having them bring it to you it is only $12.95. FAmily freindly but loud live music, at least on the weekend. Owner is very nice.

          1. emilief --

            Where is Brassille? Am originally from Framingham... how it's changed over the last 30+ years! Ipanema in Framingham Centre used to be an Irish pub called Liams. Have thought about stopping in there but never have. Heard there was something about them being shutdown temporarily, serving to minors... (uh-oh).
            There are several Brazilian places in Marlboro downtown and on Lincoln Street... the scent wafting out the doors has always made us interested in trying them.