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Jan 30, 2007 02:12 PM

Jayakarta - Help on Ordering Please!

Dear 'Hounds -

Spousal and I went to Jayakarta this aft. for lunch with much anticipation from all the great posts I've read. Overall it was amazing! We had Roti Prata and Otak-Otak Panaggang (fishcake in banan leaf) to start, my 2 favorite things form the whole meal - then Sayur Asam, the sour soup w/ jackfruit and tamarind and other flavors; then Acar Kuning, pickled veg; and finally the Ikan Pepes, fish wrapped in banana leaf. Needless to say some containers came home with us and we're already planning our next trip but here's the thing - many of the dishes were too sweet for me. I have pre-diabetes and really weaned myself from most sweet flavors (save for a regular and necessary dipping into Sharffenberger Extra Dark for sanity while being a stay at home mom), so the soup, pickled veg, and even the banana leaf wrapped fish were pretty high on the sugars - I kept worrying how I'd spike my sugar count - not a fun way to spend lunch.

The roti, with it's dipping sauce was so amazing it was totally worth the carbs. I do still eat carbs and sugars, but I want to have a better sense of how to spend the carbs I can afford. The fish cake appetizer was so great I'd advise other 'hounds to bypass the peanut sauce. It's too strong and sweet and you miss the subtlety of the fishcake. Save the peanut sauce for something else down the line.

So, my question is, what on the menu is also amazing and great but not as sugary? I keep coming back to that sauce on the roti. Deep, muddy, a lotta lemongrass and further murkiness.

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  1. I'm a big fan of the Mie Tek Tek (#28 on the menu), which is a noodle dish with the whole kitchen sink seemingly thrown in. Lots of grilled meat items, vegetables, some peanut in the sauce. You can get it with either boiled noodles or pan-fried noodles -- I certainly prefer the fried version. It's all topped off with a fried egg. It is an enormous quantity of food, in additon to being pretty tasty.

      1. Try the laksa, tempe goreng, soto and nasi padang.

        1. Okey dokey, but where do these recs fall on the sweetness scale?

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            Sorry--I thought it would be clear that I recommended those to you because you asked for dishes that were not sweet, and I did not find them to be sweet. The soto does have coconut milk in it, so it does have a note of sweetness, but it serves more to balance out the sour/spicy/salty flavors. The laksa also has coconut milk in it, but it seems less noticeable because of the complex layers of heat and spice that goes into the base of the soup. Same with the rendang. Several of the vegetable dishes have a simpler presentation or sauce, seems like you might want to try some of those as well, like the stink beans or eggplant with chili sauce.

          2. Have you checked my previous post ? I am Indonesian BTW


            Items that are not sweet by nature are listed below. I copied and pasted then deleted those that are sweet by nature. Mostly chicken and a few other dishes. But overall most dishes are not sweet by nature. Let us know how you like them and report back !!

            1. OTAK- OTAK PANGGANG

            A Jayakarta specialty. Grilled fish cake wrapped in banana leaf, served with a side of peanut sauce 4.95


            Deep-fried fish cake with embedded hard boiled eggs. Comes with a side of hot sour sauce and slices of cucumbers. 5.95

            3. MARTABAK TELOR
            Mixture of deep-fried ground beef, green onions, and scrambled egg rolled in a wrapper and deep-fried. Served with slices of pickles.

            4. TAHU TELOR *
            A mixture of tofu and scrambled eggs deep-fried and topped with boiled bean sprouts and creamy peanut dressing

            5. PERKEDEL (4 pieces)
            Deep-fried ground potatoes mixed with either ground beef or cabbage and carrots, seasoned and served to you sizzling

            6. TEMPE GORENG
            Soybean cake dipped in our special seasoned sauce and deep-fried to a golden brown. Served with Jayakarta’s special chili sauce

            7. TAHU GORENG
            Tofu dipped in our special seasoned sauce and deep-fried to a golden brown. Served with Jayakarta’s special sweet soy sauce topped with fresh chili

            8. LUMPIA SEMARANG
            Indonesian style spring roll stuffed with chicken, fried tofu, carrot, bamboo shoots and green onions. Comes with a side of spicy peanut sauce

            9. SIOMAY BANDUNG **
            Steamed fish dumplings mixed with cabbages, tofu, potatoes and eggs. Topped with a creamy serving of spicy peanut sauce

            10. PANGSIT GORENG
            Chicken wonton deep-fried to a golden brown. Come with a side of sweet and sour sauce

            11. KRUPUK UDANG / EMPING
            Choose either a basket full of udang (shrimp) or emping (melinjo) crackers

            12. ROTI PRATA
            Singapore bread pan-fried. Comes with a side of curry sauc

            14. GADO-GADO
            Warm salad of fresh vegetables tossed with slices of fried tofu, hard-boiled eggs and shrimp crackers topped with a layer of peanut dressing

            15 KETOPRAK
            Warm salad of fresh bean sprouts tossed with rice noodle, fried tofu and shrimp crackers topped with layer of garlic-seasoned peanut sauce

            16. KAREDOK
            Salad of raw vegetables tossed with slices of fried tofu topped with a layer of peanut dressing

            17. RUJAK JUHI
            Thick egg noodles tossed with fried potatoes and cucumbers drizzled with spicy peanut sauce, slices dried squid on top
            18. SOTO
            Yellow coconut milk soup mixed with cabbages, potatoes, tomatoes and green onions with your choice of meat: :
            Ayam (Chicken) 6.50
            Babat (Beef tripe) 7.25
            Betawi (Beef and Beef tendon) 7.25

            19. BASO KUAH
            Fresh vegetables with either beef balls of fish balls simmered in our own homemade broth
            Baso Sapi (Beef balls) 4.95
            Baso Ikan (Fish balls) 5.95

            20. SOP
            Tomatoes, potatoes and green onions and your choice of meat added to our savory broth of cloves and candlenut Kambing (Goat) 7.25
            Buntut (Ox-tail) 8.25

            21. LAKSA
            Rice noodle soup of egg, bean sprouts, tomatoes, potatoes simmered in yellow coconut milk, seasoned with basal leaf and
            your choice of either chicken or shrimp
            Ayam (Chicken) 6.25
            Udang (Shrimp) 7.95

            22. COTO MAKASSAR
            Sliced beef tripe and beef in special broth found only in South Celebes

            23.PANGSIT KUAH
            Fresh vegetables with chicken wonton simmered in our own homemade broth

            24. SAYUR ASAM
            Sour soup of tropical vegetables like jackfruit cooked with a mildly-spicy tamarind base….a vegetarian classic.


            25. BAKMI AYAM

            Sauteed garlic-seasoned chicken and mushrooms tossed in oyster sauce with egg noodles, green onions and vegetables.
            Each Bakmi Ayam comes with a bowl of chicken broth on side.
            Add: Pangsit (chicken wonton) $ 1.00,
            Baso (beef balls) $ 1.30
            Campur (chicken wonton and beef balls) $ 1.30

            26. BIHUN AYAM
            Sauteed garlic-seasoned chicken and mushrooms tossed in oyster sauce with rice noodles, green onions and vegetables.
            Each Bihun Ayam comes with a bowl of chicken broth on side.
            Add: Pangsit (chicken wonton) $ 1.00,
            Baso (beef balls) $ 1.30
            Campur (chicken wonton and beef balls) $ 1.30

            27. MIE GORENG ( Fried noodles )
            Choose either Bihun (rice noodles), Bakmi (egg noodles) or Bimie (both) mixed with chopped chicken, shrimp, beef balls, egg and vegetables

            28. MIE TEK - TEK **
            A Jayakarta specialty. Choose either boiled or stir fried egg noodles sautéed with fried egg, strips of chicken, vegetables and our signature spicy sauce

            29. BAKWAN MALANG
            Egg noodles boiled in a base of chicken broth with fried wonton, fish cake and beef balls and served with chili sauce on side

            Rice Plates
            30. NASI UDUK JAKARTA
            Coconut rice surrounded by a selection of spicy beef, fried curry chicken, scrambled egg with green onions, fried anchovies and shrimp crackers

            31. NASI RAMES
            Jasmine rice surrounded by a selection crispy curry chicken, spicy coconut beef, hard boiled egg, crispy fried anchovies, peanuts, pickles and shrimp crackers

            32. NASI LEMAK
            Coconut rice surrounded by BBQ coconut chicken and a skewer of BBQ chicken. Served along side one perkedel (deep-fried ground potatoes), fresh cucumbers, and fried anchovies mixed with peanuts

            33. NASI PADANG **
            Jasmine rice surrounded by a serving of spicy coconut beef, hard boiled egg, chicken gizzards and stinky beans all topped with chili sauce. Also comes with cabbages, fried anchovies with peanuts and shrimp crackers

            34. NASI LALAPAN LENGKAP **
            Jasmine rice surrounded by a serving of crispy curry chicken, salty fish and a selection of RAW vegetables. Comes with a bowl hot and sour soup and a side of Jayakarta’s special chili sauce.

            35. NASI RENDANG *
            Jasmine rice topped off with beef marinated in coconut milk

            36. NASI KARI
            Our delicious yellow curry rice plate with your choice of either :
            Ayam & Telor (Chicken, Egg and side of potatoes) 5.95
            Udang & Telor (Shrimp and Egg) 7.95

            37. NASI KARI AYAM & RENDANG *
            Yellow curry chicken and coconut beef over rice

            38. NASI KARI SAYURAN
            Mixed vegetables with tofu in curry sauce over rice

            Beef stew mixed with tofu and eggs prepared in sweet soy sauce all over rice

            Enjoy our fine selection of Indonesian-style fried rice. Patrons could choose from a variety of combination of fried rice :
            with Ayam (chicken) 5.95
            with Udang (shrimp) 7.95
            with Babat (Beef tripe) 6.95
            with Ikan asin (salty fish) 6.95
            with Goat and stink beans (kambing & pete) 7.95
            with combination meats 6.50

            41. LONTONG CAP GO MEH **
            Cabbage, long beans, squash and hard boiled eggs simmered in yellow curry soup with rice cake all topped with chicken gizzard and stink beans. Your choice of : Ayam (chicken) or Rendang ( beef marinated in coconut milk )


            42. KARI SAYURAN
            Mixed vegetables and tofu simmered in yellow curry sauce. Currylicious.

            43. LALAPAN & SAMBAL TERASI **
            Raw cabbage, long bean, tomatoes and cucumber served with our signature shrimp paste chili - a vegetarian delight !

            44. SAYUR ASAM & IKAN ASIN **
            Mixed vegetables in tropical hot sour soup with fried salty fish

            45. SEMUR TAHU TELOR Fried tofu and hard-boiled egg simmered in sweet soy sauce

            46. OSENG - OSENG TEMPE
            Crispy bean cake stir-fried with fried tofu and fresh string beans bathe in sweet soy sauce
            * spicy ** very spicy47. CAPCAY
            A sizzling stir-fry of mixed vegetables with chicken, shrimp and beef balls

            48. PEPES TAHU *
            Ground tofu seasoned with spices and wrapped in banana leaves

            49. TOGE GORENG SPECIAL *
            Mixed egg noodle, bean sprouts and tofu topped with thick layer of soybean sauce

            50. PETE GORENG
            Fried stink beans served with our signature shrimp paste chili

            51. TERUNG BELADO
            Fried egg plant topped with spicy hot chili sauce

            52. KANGKUNG / TOGE TERASI *
            Fresh water-spinach or Fresh bean sprout mixed with fried tofu, sautéed in our signature shrimps-paste chili sauce

            53. CAH KANGKUNG
            Fresh water-spinach mixed with beef, fried garlic and boiled egg simmered in oyster sauce

            54. ACAR KUNING *
            Pickles with spices

            55. TEMPE OREK
            Fried spicy soybean cake, anchovies, peanuts cooked with spices
            Immerse yourself into these succulent morsels. Bite for bite, Indonesian satays are by far god’s gift to taste buds. Try either the chicken, lamb, shrimp, beef, served on bamboo skewers grilled to perfection. Comes with a side of peanut sauce for your enjoyment.
            56. SATE AYAM ( Chicken )6.50
            57. SATE KAMBING ( Lamb) 8.25
            58. SATE UDANG (Shrimp) 8.95
            59. SATE SAPI (Beef) 8.25
            60. ASSORTED SATE (5 sticks) 8.25
            Assorted of chicken, lamb, shrimp and beef
            * spicy ** very spicy

            We love chicken and so should you. We have an impressive selection of chicken flavors and kinds to choose from that. You are guaranteed to like.

            BBQ chicken marinated in our special gravy of peanut/coconut milk sauce

            63. AYAM GORENG KUNING
            Fried chicken marinated in a special curry sauce only found at Jayakarta. Enjoy

            65. AYAM GORENG BUMBU BALI **
            Boneless chicken, fried then marinated in a chili sauce. Extremely spicy !

            66. SAMBAL GORENG HATI AMPLA **
            Chicken gizzards slow cooked with stink beans, potatoes and tomatoes in chili sauce

            67. KARI AYAM TELOR
            Our famous yellow chicken curry mixed with egg and potatoes. Currylicious.

            68. TELOR BALI **
            Fried hard boiled eggs smothered in spicy chili sauce

            Beef and Lamb
            69. RENDANG
            Mouth-watering beef simmered with spices and coconut milk

            72. GULAI KAMBING *
            Tender yellow lamb smothered in coconut milk sauce

            73. EMPAL BALADO **
            Tender beef simmered in yellow curry sauce, fried and served with topping of chili sauce
            * spicy ** very spicy

            Try our selection of fresh seafood. From barbeque, marinated, deep-fried to wrapped in warm banana leaf, our range of seafood delicates from Southeast Asia is superb.

            74. BAKAR (Barbequed Seafood)

            Our seasoned seafood comes with a side of spicy black sweet soy sauce.Choice of:

            Udang (Shrimp) 9.50
            Cumi (Calamari) 8.25
            Ikan (Fish) 13.95

            75. PEPES (Banana-wrapped seafood)
            Seafood marinated in a mildly-spicy tumeric -base wrapped in banana leaf. Choice of: Udang (Shrimp) 9.50
            Ikan (Fish) 13.95

            77. IKAN BUMBU BALI **
            Sizzling fish, deep fried then marinated in special chili sauce. Extremely spicy!

            79. IKAN BANDENG PRESTO
            Crispy deep fried milkfish served with a side of shrimp paste, hand prepared.

            80. SAMBAL GORENG UDANG PETE **
            Tasty shrimp slow cooked with stink beans, potatoes and tomatoes in chili sauce

            81. KARI UDANG & TELOR
            Yellow shrimp curry mixed with egg and potatoes. Currylicious.

            Deep fried fish in shrimp paste chili sauce

            * spicy ** very spicy

            Side Order
            84. IKAN ASIN
            Fried dried salty fish

            85. NASI PUTIH
            Steamed Jasmine Rice

            86. NASI UDUK
            Steamed coconut rice

            87. LONTONG
            Rice cake wrapped in banana leaf