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Jan 30, 2007 02:00 PM

Cheap & tasty eats near Hunter College

I'm on an Adjunct budget and need to find a place near Hunter College (68th & Lexington) to grab dinner between evening classes, preferrably no more than $10/person. Help!

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  1. Bring your food, the neighborhood is a cheap eats nightmare. There is a small cafe just north of Hunter on the west side of Lexington that has decent soups, sandwiches and so so empanadas but no real seating. They also give a Hunter discount. The Hunter Deli, just beyond that cafe is probably the cheapest place with tables nearby, typical deli fare. Between the two there are two overpriced cafes with salads and sandwiches. There is also a diner on 70th and Lex that is overpriced and does not have great food, but is an okay choice for soup or something simple and a decent place to sit and grade or read. Equinox Gym (Lex & 63rd) has okay salads and entrees that are plain but seemingly healthy and under $10. Good luck! And please post if you find something better.

    1. Corrado on 70th and has some nice Sandwiches (that may be what the above poster was referring to). You'll have better luck if you go a little east or a little north. For example, China Fun on 65th and 2nd, or Becky's on 64th and 1st.

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        Hmm, I've only had dried out, boring, and uninspired stuff at Corrado's. What do you like there?

      2. rose water, I am suprised!? I have often gotten good food at Corrado, their foccacia with fresh mozzarella and tomato is good, I love their health bread, and cafe au lait, good angel food cupcakes. The sandwich I love is on a wedge of hard italian bread with proscuitto, mozz, tomato and basil with a drizzle of olive oil... across the street from Corrado is Marcella Pizzeria (was Oprah's pick for best pizza in NYC on a recent show)... that's at the corner of 71st. So if you are down to 2 bucks, you can still get a hot meal. I agree with China Fun on 2nd Ave and 65th. Also, California Pizza near bloomies is fine for salads and pizza. There's a new place that I passed but haven't tried yet on 75th and Lex called Starwich, it has a funky decor and the menu of sandwiches, soups and salads is really gourmet. I love Pain de Quotidien on 65th and Lex. And Hale and Hearty is right near there with very nice soups, salads and sandwiches. That's a little to go on... Hope it helps, budget adjunct!