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Atlantic City Bachelor Party - Steak Ideas?

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I am going to AC in early March for a bachelor party. Was hoping for some recommendations of good steak places out there. Anyone been to Bobby Flay Steakhouse?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. I went to Bobby Flay's a few weeks ago and had no expectations and I'm not a big steakhouse person and I loved it. All eight of us loved it. My husband had the southwest ribeye and it was definitely the thing to get.

    1. Yeah BF gets raves even with Homestead also at the Borgata. Call now to see if you can get reservations. Yeah.

      1. I love the Homestead...... hated Bobby Flays but I am really not into rubs on steak

        1. Been to the Homestead many times and Bobby Flay's once. I'd choose Homestead first, but I was very happy with BF's too.

          1. Haven't gone yet but got a res at Homestead. BF couldn't do a 12 top on a Saturday night so that settled that. The menu looked similar to the city Homestead so I already know what I'm getting. Thanks for the replies. I'll post a review and compare the two when I return.

            1. Matt,
              Had my bachelor party in Atlantic City a few months ago and was taken to Knife and Fork Inn. They have a couple of smaller rooms to hold small parties just like that with a couple of flat screen tvs...a little cramped but nice to have a separate room. They have a set menu that includes apps, choice of entrees, sides and dessert though I think all but one person ordered the steak (16oz. sirloin) and it was awesome...perfectly cooked with great, beefy flavor. Another option to consider and while expensive, probably much less so than homestead or flay.

              1. the Palm is at the TROP, typical authentic steakhouse although i have not been to the one
                @ this location. enjoy!

                1. Had a bachelor party dinner at the Palm. It was nice as they have a private room and the service was very good.

                  Went to Gallagher's for dinner on Friday night and I would not recommend it. There are plenty of better places out there.