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Jan 30, 2007 01:53 PM

Kuala Lumpur/Langkawi - recommendations please..


I'm travelling to Malaysia for 2 weeks in early March for a wedding and would really appreciate some suggestions of great places to eat in either KL or Langkawi.


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  1. I was in Malaysia last year and wrote a long chowhound post about my trip.....I just did a search and didn't find it. In fact, the entire SE Asia board seems to be missing......maybe it will be re-found eventually?

    Here is a link to Foodfirst's blog on Malaysia...if you haven't checked this out already, you should.

    Food in KL was great, I was pretty much in heaven foodwise. Hopefully my post will turn up since I think I had some specific recs in that.

    Dave MP

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      The search feature isn't working now on chowhound, but I did a google search and found my old posts. You should do a google search for chowhound too to look for old Malaysia posts (like we used to do in the old-old site). You'll find good stuff.

      Here is my post:

    2. Depends what you are looking for in terms of food. For Malaysian I would go with a hawker area like Chow Kit or a food court in a good mall like KLCC. For a high class meal of French/Asian fusion you will not be disappointed in Cilantro. I enjoyed a great Indian meal at Spice of India on the 4th floor of the KLCC mall.

      Hope this helps.