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Jan 30, 2007 01:49 PM

Decent Mexican @Union Square North/Gramercy/Chelsea

Can anyone recommend a good Mexican restaurant in any of the above areas: Union Square, Gramercy, Chelsea? I'm interested particularly in good guacamole dips / margaritas and frozen daquiris. I like how Rosa Mexicano sounds but would like to pay a tad less than $14 for my guacamole dip. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Los Dos Molinos
    119 E. 18th Street
    New York, NY 10003

    btwn Park and Irving Place. Pretty Good food. Fun Atmosphere.

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    1. re: Getchman

      I'm a little wary of the ambience, the CitySearch review said that it feels sort of like a giftshop (?)

      1. re: rohmerian

        I'd disagree with the giftshop slur. But it can get loud in an office-party boozy sort of way. But you can probably schedule around that, if it's not your thing. When the late afternoon sun comes through the big windows, before the after work crowd shows up, is the best time there.

    2. Bright Food Shop, Rocking Horse, Suenos

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        1. re: downtownstefanie

          From what I've just read up on regarding Suenos and Rocking Horse, they sound way more than decent which is great by me as well. Thanks for the tips...I'm going to have to decide on checking one of them out.

          1. re: rohmerian

            Also regarding rocking horse, they have excellent guac and their salsa is fantastic (smoky, thick, like a puree). Note: Their margaritas might seem expensive, but they are pint glasses.

      1. Dos Cominos on the Park Avenue South between 26 & 27 is another good one,

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        1. re: Gruvinaus

          dos caminos is $12 for guac for 2 people...not much better in price than rosa and the bill usually comes out just as high if not higher than rosa.

        2. Does MaryAnn's on 8th Ave. near 15th count as decent? I used to be a big fan, but haven't been in a while and know that others disdain it. Mexico Lindo on 2nd Ave. near 26th is a fun place as well, although calling that area Gramercy is a bit of a stretch.

          Also want to commend OP on using the word "decent" in place of "delicious" or "yummy."

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          1. re: small h

            I find MaryAnn's atrocious. The food only barely qualifies as Mexican. I would have been quiet about my mushy chimichanga and bland frijoles, but even the margaritas were lacklustre.

            That said, is Rocking Horse expensive? I always pass by it, but I never went in because it was on that strip of pricier restaurants. Well, pricier for a quick bite, anyway.

            1. re: JungMann

              I'd call it moderate. Why don't you check out the menu on menupages.

              1. re: Lucia

                The quantity of dollars isn't so much the determinant as the size of the serving. Usually when I go for Mexican, portions are pretty generous. I pay $2 for filling carnitas tacos from El Idolo on 14th and 8th, but I'm willing to pay $16 for carnitas at Rocking Horse if it's good and well-portioned.

                1. re: JungMann

                  I haven't been for dinner, just lunch and brunch, but portions tend to be on the smaller side.

                  1. re: JungMann

                    thier carnitas dish there is fantastic and i get it every time i go. It's a pretty healthy portion and well worth the $16

            2. Rosa Mexicana @ 18/5th. Great Drinks and famous for the guacomole.