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Jan 30, 2007 01:43 PM

Jasmine Tea House - would like to hear your faves, please.

Hi there,
We are planning on trying the take out at Jasmine Tea House tomorrow. I am very interested in hearing any standout dishes you've enjoyed, as well as ones to avoid. Thank you, in advance, for your help.

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  1. We order from them 2 or 3 times a year, they have good delivery service. The salads are all sweet, so don't get any unless you like it sweet. Their food is passable in flavor and a little higher quality that most, but not the best Chinese delivery in the area. They have brown rice, if you care. Here is what we get:

    veg mu shu
    sunflower chicken
    prawns black bean
    dry string beans
    basil tofu (top notch)
    pea sprout w/ garlic (top notch)
    bbq pork chow fun (free w/ order)

    1. Thanks, deelish. Forgot to add - we are feeding 3 vegetarians so dishes w/ the faux/soy chicken are appealing.

      If you have other, better Chinese in the area, I'd like to hear.

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        My favs are Emmy's (585-9880) and Joe's (585-1919) on Ocean. They both have brown rice, lots of veg and tofu options and free delivery w/choice of mein or fun. Emmy's soups are good, Joe's is a little cheaper.

        But I think the best by far in the nabe is Hong Sing on Diamond. But they do not deliver (you have to pick it up) and they have no brown rice. Their war won ton is fantastic, plus they have greens w/garlic that is my idea of perfect. I also like their filet of fish (snapper type or tilapia) in ginger sauce.

      2. We just ordered from them last night -- had the sunflower chicken, the string beans, and free vegetable chow mein and brown rice. I haven't had the Happy Buddha myself, but I understand that the fake chicken is popular and pretty good. The Shanghai fillet is also good if you want to have fish; I really like it. Their delivery is fast and friendly.