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Jan 30, 2007 01:29 PM

What is the Best Margarita in Dallas?

Even though I find Trece to be rife with the sort of attitude I detest and the food to be good but certainly not great, I sure love me some of their Top Shelf Margaritas. The ground chile pepper on the rim takes them to the next level.

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  1. No doubt this will prompt a 100 or so replies....I agree with you on Trece but the bad stuff you listed is too much for me to return just for their margaritas. Top shelfs at Mattitos and Rafas are very good. Victors margarita at Javier's will make your world a better place and then ofcourse the Mambo Taxi margarita at Mi Cocina and Taco Diner will always hold a special place in my heart.

    1. So slightly related... is there anything similar to Trudy's Mexican Martini anywhere in Dallas?

      1. I have to say I like all the margaritas mentioned! In addition, I think that Nuevo Leon has a great margarita. Also, I love the Margarinha at La Duni.

        1. Our hands-down favorite place for margarita's is Agave Azul in Carrollton.

          They have over 100 different kinds of tequilas and they don't use a mix. Just tequila, Cointreau/Grand Marnier, and fresh lime. The price are VERY reasonable and they don't skimp on the alcohol. If you are there on a Friday or Saturday night, be sure to ask for Jesse. She is extremely knowledgeable about all of their tequilas and can help you find a brand that you'll like. They don't have chili pepper on the rim, but I bet they'd add it if you request it!

          They also have a "Tequini" which is a Mexican martini.

          The food is also very good and reasonably priced. I always order the specials on the weekend which usually include very fresh seasonal fish.

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            Yep I would second that Agave Azul is awesome. The best time to got there is when it's a bit warmer and eat one of their salads and a margarita. Simply a great place.

            1. re: irodguy

              I also agree with Agave Azul. My favorite is their margarita made with Gran Centenario Plata.

              1. re: lckeating

                I don't know about the best since I'm no margarita expert, but I have to agree that Agave Azul serves some mean ones.

          2. I second the margharitas at Taco Diner...and two is about all you need. Mi Cocina and Primo's are also good.