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Jan 30, 2007 01:27 PM

Recent report on Bin 8945?

Trying to pick a restaurant for Saturday night - last week we met some friends who live near Upstairs 2 there for dinner and it put me in a wine bar/small plates frame of mind. I did a search on the board just now and didn't see much in the way of reviews on Bin 8945, which surprises me. The menu really looks great - has anyone been in the last few months? How was it?


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  1. I went there a few months ago and it was awesome. Definitely recommend the mussels with curry sauce and hanger beef and french fries. When we were there the owner picked out a great bottle of wine for us. You can also check out Lou if you're not in the mood to be in the heart of boys town :-)

    1. I went a few months ago and it was quite tasty. Almost all of the dishes were quite good and the wine selection was interesting. The service was somewhat imperfect ( we felt a little rushed) and the bill was higher than we expected (mostly because we drank more than planned).

      1. We had dinner with some friends there last night and felt the food and service were very good. The Chef is from Norman's.
        Only complaint was the smoke coming from the Patio which is very fixable.

        Amuse Bouche
        "Peanut Butter and Jelly" Foie Gras and Apricot Compote on a
        toasted Brioche
        Veg: Spring Roll with cucumber, Haricot Vert and Cilantro

        1st Course
        Kobe Culotte with Achiote BBQ
        Veg: Beet Carpaccio with Hazelnuts and Gruyere
        Sake: Dezakura Arabishiri Junmai Ginjo

        2nd Course:
        Chow Wan Mushi with Tasmanian Sea Trout and Bonito
        Veg: Asparagus Bisque with Black Perigord Truffles

        3rd Course:
        Veal Sweetbreads with Somen Noddles Cake and Curry Emulsion
        Veg: Corn Pudding with Puff Pastry

        4th Course:
        Duck Confit with Foie Gras and Cherry
        Veg: Gnocchi with Parmesan cream and Arugula

        5th Course:
        Bacon Wrapped Venison with Herb-ed Spaetzle
        Molasses Glazed Monk fish with celery root puree and Pickled Fennel
        Veg: Crispy Fennel with Carrot Linguine and Sauce Veracruz

        6th Course:
        Grilled Hanger Steak with Chocolate Sauce and Rice Krispies
        Sauteed Bay Scallops "same"
        Veg: White Beans with Tomato and Sun chokes

        7th Course:
        Pork Cheeks with Parsnip puree and Chorizo Froth
        Veg: Braised Celery with Oranges and Lola Rosa Salad

        8th Course
        Cheese: 2 year aged in Sand Stone Gruyere and Epoisses

        9th Course:
        Persimmon Pudding with Hard Sauce
        wine: 1900 Solera Maderia

        Petit Fours:
        Bin Sushi

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            Don't know the breakdown between the Wines and Food but considering the Madeira was ONLY 106 years old it was a deal. Around 100- + pp.

          1. The menu russkar describes sounds great. However, my friends were also there last night and commented as well on the smoke coming from the patio (as well as the draft). I am pretty concerned about that - are there certain tables one could request so they are not near the door?