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Jan 30, 2007 01:15 PM

Madison Restaurant Week

I made reservations at Harvest, though I was waffling between that and Cocoliquot or Lombardinos. Anyone been anywhere during restaurant week? I'd be interested in hearing some reports.

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  1. You made a good choice. I am sure you won't be dissapointed.

    1. That is an excellent choice - when I was there 4 years ago I remember it being great. I used to work downtown. If you are looking for other recommendations, L'Etiole is right next door, which is probably the best restaurant in Madison and one of the best in the Midwest. Both L'Etiole and Harvest do the local organic thing - ample supply of local farms in SW WI.

      My other recommendations (these are all downtown and upscale):

      1) Tornado Room - West Main Street. Traditional steakhouse, very delicious.
      2) Blue Marlin - right down the street from Harvest. Seafood.
      3) Restaurant Magnus - near the convention center. They do sort of a pan South America thing and have a good appetizer list. They have a really nice bar.
      4) Opus - King Street. A nice little bar...only appetizers and a little Sushi. Try the fondue. Once again this is more of a bar and go there to chill.
      5) Murimoto - Also on King Street. Up the street from Opus. This is a Japanese place but they don't have sushi proper only rolls and dishes prepared with Japanese influence.
      6) If you want real sushi Wasabi on State Street is good. Don't let anyone tell you to go anywhere else.
      7) Orpheum Theatre - in the lobby of a cool old theather. The food is good but nothing exciting. I'd go there just to check out the space.

      Don't let anyone tell you to go to Tutto Pasta or Frida- they cast an embarassing light on my hometown.


      1. Harvest is nearly the equal of L'Etoile (though not everyone would agree) and is certainly the best place doing Restaurant Week. Lombardino's would be another great choice -- less haute, but very well-done, basically classical Italian. (We'll be there Friday.) I haven't been to Cocoliquot yet but most people seem not to be too impressed.

        Does anybody think the list of participating restaurants is a little strange? I mean, you can pretty easily have dinner at the Nitty Gritty for less than $25 <i>any</i> week, right?

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          I thought the same thing when I saw Nitty Gritty on there - it's 2 people for 25 bucks, which makes it slightly less absurd. But still... I think 2 people could eat there for 25 bucks under most circumstances.

          I am excited about Harvest - went to L'Etoile a few weeks ago and was very impressed. In general, I'm really enjoying the food in Madison. I'll have to check out some more of your recommendations, jjweerts.

          I'll post a blurb about Harvest after I go.

        2. I totally missed the thing about there being a restaurant week...sorry. Just shot from the hip with my favorite places - don't know if any of those actually were participating or not.

          I miss Madison and love showing people the good spots. Let me know if you ever need any help.


          1. Madison's first ever Restaurant Week just concluded (it was January 28 through February 2), with special three-course menus for $25 per person. Here are the restaurants who participated:

            Blue Marlin
            Captain Bill's
            Café Continental
            The Casbah
            The Dardanelles
            Fyfe's Corner Bistro
            Laredo's Mexican Restaurant, East
            Laredo's Mexican Restaurant, West
            The Mariner's Inn
            Monte's Grill Verona
            The Nitty Gritty, Downtown
            The Nitty Gritty, West
            The Old Fashioned
            Ovations at The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor's Club
            Quivey’s Grove Stable Grill
            Quivey's Grove Stone House
            RP Adler's
            Tutto Pasta Cucina Italiana

            For more information: