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Jan 30, 2007 01:13 PM

Best Restaurant in the State of Kentucky....

What is the best restaurant in the entire state?It could be fine dining in Lexington...a cheeseburger palace in Louisville or some off the beaten path barbecue joint in Owensboro...I just need to know what the best is....

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  1. I don't know if these are the best in KY...
    But my two favorites here in Bowling Green, KY are the Brickyard Cafe and Mandolin.
    Both are located in downtown BG on Chestnut Street.
    They serve Mediterranean & Italian cuisines.
    If you were to ask most anyone in BG where they go for that "special" dinner.... these two locations are the first mentioned.

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    1. re: kelomaki

      Thanks for the response.You're the only person on the vast Chowhound board who had the wherewithall to reply.I know food in Kentucky doesn't get a lot of attention[one of the reasons I left 4 days after I graduated highschool].I'll note your spots and hope to make it to one of your choices in August.Which is better and what is their specialty?

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        My first choice would be The Brickyard..... everything on the menu is great!
        Italian cuisine is the specialty.... all the pasta's and fish are good, as well as the pizza's.
        Here's a link to their "out of date" website:

        1. re: StevenF

          Snarkiness aside, perhaps I should have phrased my query differently.When I said best I really meant "favorite".To me the best runs the gamut from Dudleys in Lexington to Burger Boy in London.I was merely trying to stimulate a variety of responses from around the state....some cities may not have a Nobu-style contender but they have great chili dogs.

          1. re: scrumptiouschef

            Sorry if the tone of my reply irked. I'd like a good conversation, too; but I think you're more likely to get interesting talk if the quesiton is more specific.
            But to keep the conversation going I'll vote for Vietnam Kitchen in Louisville as my favorite restaurant. Great bang for the buck, a seemingly inexhaustible menu, and exciting flavors that you don't get everyday.

            1. re: StevenF

              I'll be in Louisville in August and I LOVE Vietnamese food.I look forward to trying your recommendation and turning my father,who farms in Knox county,onto some great food

        2. re: kelomaki

          I went to WKU back in the day. Is 440 Main still on the square?

          1. re: qrkid

            Hey grkid......GO TOPS! ...I'm a WKU alum.
            Yeap... 440 is still going strong downtown.
            They recently tried their hand with micro-brew in the basement that was a total flop!
            I was so looking forward to BG's first micro.... and they blew it!
            But, the restaurant and Miki's bar are still a hot spot.

            1. re: kelomaki

              Although it may have been the first Bowling Green micro-brew that you were aware of, it certainly was not the first in town.

              BTW, anyone interested in restaurants and stuff located on Fountain Square in Downtown Bowling Green, KY --

              1. re: hilltopper

                You may be correct hilltopper.... However, having lived in BG for over 40+ years, I don't recall another micro-brew being made in BG during my time here. Unless you are talking about the local breweries and bottling plants that where here before the prohibition days. Oh... and the Brewing Company to the best of my knowledge has never made a drop of ale. Please enlighten me..... :-)
                And the link you listed is about half dead.... better info here:

        3. Le Relais at Bowman Field in Louisville.

            1. I grew up in Lexington and went to UK for college, and I would have to say that I think the best restaurant in Lexington is A La Lucie. Lucy Meyer's and her now ex-husband Roy pretty much ruled the food scene for 10 years, though Lucie's is the only (and best) remaining. They specialize in French fusion cusine and are located in historic downtown at 159 N Limestone
              Lexington, KY 40507
              (859) 252-5277

              Here are some reviews:

              1. We love Lily's in Louisville and Lynn's Paradise Cafe. The real jewel is in Shelbyville, The Science Hill Inn it boasts a CIA trained chef doing real real good true southern cooking. I think I could crawl for her biscuit bread pudding with bourbon sauce. The dining room at the Brown in Louisville and their chef are very fine too.