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Jan 30, 2007 01:05 PM

Samba Room in Ft Lauderdale

From what I've heard from friends who live in this area and from the website, it looks like a fun place.
What's the quality of food and what's your overall opinion of this place?

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  1. DH and I had a really nice time. When we went (maybe 6 mo ago or more), it was SCENE at around 9 or 10. Back in my younger pre-baby days, I went out in Ft Laudy a lot and we did Samba Room a few times. It was always loud and fun and packed, with good food and stiff drinks. Not sure if it's that way anymore. The food was Latin-fusion - basically atypical takes on traditional favorites. We really loved the skirt steak and a few of the seafood dishes. I remember a black bean salsa served with yucca chips. Also, the cocktails were plentiful and very good. My only caveat here is that I haven't been in awhile and restaurants can go downhill in a hurry (esp in that part of Laudy).