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Jan 30, 2007 12:57 PM

Chinese Restaurant in D.F.

I was wondering if anyone knew if Hong King restaurant on Avenida Dolores still exists. I ate there a very long time ago and remember the fried rice was pretty good...

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  1. I think it might, but none of the restaurants on calle Dolores are very good. There are two in Zona Rosa, one called El Dragon, Hamburgo 97, and the other, San San, about four blocks down at the corner of Valladolid, (avoid their buffet, order off the menu) which are more authentic. Also O'Mei in the Hotel Nikko in Polanco has a great pan-asian buffet every day which is very satisfying. Others I have tried in the city are either overpriced and/or unsatisfying/inauthentic.

    1. I just ate at Hong King a few weeks ago. I thought the food was pretty good. We ended up ordering way too much and enjoyed the leftovers on top of the Moon Temple at Teotihuacan.

      There nearby grocery store is the only place I've be able to find Shin Cups south of the border.

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        The restaurants on Calle Dolores are terrible, like bad Chop Suey joints from the 1950's. Not worth discussing on Chowhounds where we are -ahem- a little morw sophisticated about cuisine, no?
        Go to El Dragón, Hamburgo 97, Zona Rosa, or the buffet at O'Mei, Hotel Nikko, Polanco if you want something satisfying.

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          Dragón is very good indeed, but I also love a small Chinese place called Chie's, on Insurgentes, on the Col. Roma side, just south of metro Chilpancingo (Insurgentes has a small plaza-like widening on each side here, Chie's is on that). It's run by Jaime Chie, a Chinese chef who's a bit eccentric, but incredibly charming and friendly. It's not an upscale restaurant, but the quality of the food is extremely high, and it's very cheap.

          It's primarily Cantonese, but Mr. Chie likes to experiment and mix stuff up, so there's a lot of very good Mexican-Chinese fusion stuff, like the "tacos chinos" (Chinese marinated beef and fresh vegetables in a tortilla) and the pollo con limon (chicken like you'd expect to get it in sweet and sour sauce, but with a powerful, sublime lime sauce with green bell peppers). The place also has Mexican food, but I haven't tried that. The Chinese food is excellent, though. It's open every day, I think, from 1-2 in the afternoon until 9-10 at night. I can't recommend it enough.

          And Mr. Chie himself is amazing. His Spanish is rather shaky, even after 20 years in Mexico, but he's the friendliest man you can imagine, and takes enormous pride in his food. I've seen him literally spoon-feed people at their table when they're not sure what sauces and vegetables go with what, etc.

      2. I know this thread is years old, but are these restaurants still terrible? How is the chinese food scene in Mexico City? Is the city very dangerous?

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          The Calle Dolores "Chinatown" is as ElChilango well puts it "terrible" and I think he's being very kind at that.
          So what to do, read Nicholas Gilman's post on his blog
          and keep up with what's hot and what's not right there.

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            I definitely wouldn't come here for the Chinese food scene - there's serviceable, but not great. But why would you with all this delicious food!

            The city is as dangerous for a tourist as any big city. The murder rate here is 1/4 of Washington, DC per capita, if that helps. Just don't be obvious with flashy things or careless with expensive electronics or your wallet, and you'll be fine - extra precautions to take when you stand out a little as a tourist. Other than that, this is an amazing, vibrant, friendly city.