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Chowdown at Stephan Pyles?

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I can't remember what Chowhound get together's are called. Chow down, right?

When I was in the SF Bay area, I always wanted to go do a fancy multi course tasting menu. However, my husband would rather have a hamburger and none of my friends at the time could care less about good food. So I never went.

Now I've joined a local Dallas group that dines out on a regular basis and have found some great low-mid price places. I decided I wanted to try to get my fancy meal in, so I set up a reservation at Stephan Pyles on this Saturday for 10 (25 said that would be interested). But, again, getting people to commit to an expensive meal is challenging. Thus far, only 4 have definitely committed!

So, if you're out there and you've always wanted to try a nice multi-course meal, but don't want to do it alone, send me an email and join a fellow Chowhounder (lurker, mostly).

We're doing the 10 course tasting menu (you can have paired wines for additional cost).

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