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Oct 9, 2006 11:31 PM

Prosciutto slicing machines [split from L.A. board]

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I absoultely agree with you George.
The key to delicious prosciutto is not only the product itself, but that it is sliced correctly.
The CheeseStore of BH slices it on that beautiful Italian red meat slicer (I can't remember the name of the machine, but the company was started by a man who use to work for ferrarri cars). There is a HUGE difference when good proscutto is sliced on a good machine. The slices are even (key) and thin without shreading the meat (which is usually what happens when it is sliced on an electric machine). BTW I just bought some salumi Toscana made by Framani (Paull Bertoli's company) from CSBH and it was delicious!
Cheesestore of Silverlake also uses the same type of machine.

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  1. I don't know this particular slicer, but if it is the gorgeous red hand-cranked one that has become a fetish object, it is probably a vintage Berkel, made with pride in Milwaukee. It is funny that an all-American product has become so emblematic of Italy.

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    1. re: condiment

      The red hand-cranked machine that I'm referring to (they use at the CheeseStore of BH and SL is the Lario which is indeed made in Italy. Tell me condiment, where do they slice on a Berkel?

      1. re: ostudio

        this city is suddenly lousy with berkels. almost every wine bar has one. bld is one that comes to mind. la terza is another. i believe there's one at lou.

        1. re: FED

          not sure I get your drift FED... how does the Berkel compare to the Lario?

          1. re: ostudio

            they're almost exactly the same machines.

            1. re: FED

              I completely disagree...
              look at these pictures and then tell me if it's the same..

              Ps i do restore them myself...

              1. re: tiziano

                I acquired this Von Berkel slicer and am interesed in restoring it, wonder if you have any information on it. The only part we seem to be missing is the sharpener that goes on the top, and we do not have a stand - our research leads us to believe it is a Model 80 - patent plate indicates 1912 - 1916 dates

                1. re: cheart

                  Hello, I have a model 80 as well, however, I don't know if I'm missing any parts. Would you be so kind to post a photo of the front and left side? Thanks for your help. Vicenzo

                2. re: tiziano

                  I have a berkel that I want to restore......Did you say that you restorationJ? jp

                  1. re: tiziano


                    Art ,craft and food. Restoration is such a labour of love.

                    Reminds me of the the big steam engines that fascinated me so much at the steam rallies in UK, like this one..

          2. re: condiment

            bekel in the Us was made in La Porte Indiana.
            In fact the old machines they made there are still among the most beautiful ones.
            The original plant was in Rotterdam,but after a while they had plants in Italy,England ,Argentina,Belgium and USA.Every region had its needs and so the slicers were slightly different.
            I do collect and restore them myself .
            I've tried to attach two photos,the first is a Us Model B (1921)known as Indianina,
            the second is a model L(1907-1916).
            Hope you will like them.

            1. re: tiziano

              I have a model c berkel slicer in good shape and was just trying to get a value, or where i could get any information on this item.could you help Thanks Mike

              1. re: mik erish

                One of the best places to look on the web for information regarding Berkels is BerkelBiz. Vintage style Berkels are certainly popular now, especialy given the rise of local, green, organic, sustainable cooking, because old Berkels are much greener than typical commercial machines. Emilio Mitidieri in San Francisco is one of the world's leading experts on Berkel and Berkel style machines. They truly are the Ferraris of meat slicers.

              2. re: tiziano

                Dear Tiziano, I like to buy an berkel slicer, built 1923 how can I see if it is an original thing and what can be the price for such a machine??
                Can you help?

                Best regards,

                1. re: tiziano

                  I have tried every combination of Berkel, Von Berkel, with and without the term meat slicer on Google but nothing comes up.

                  Where can I find an old Berkel hand powered machine that is restored? I have also tried to Google Emilio Mitidieri but to no avail.

                  Can I get a good URL from anyone or a link to someone selling an old restored Berkel.

                  Gene at:

              3. I'd appreciate finding out the lowest price online or catalog source for good quality salumi & prosciutto and other Italian meats. Actually, I'd also love to find out if any are produced without nitrates. Any info?

                1. The original comment has been removed
                  1. The secret of a good slicer is the size of the blade, the bigger the better. Sharpness counts too.