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Jan 30, 2007 11:50 AM

Any good cocktails I can make with Glen Moray scotch?

Got this as a gift and am not a big scotch drinker. Any suggestions?

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  1. Yeah. Wrap it up and give it to me.

    1. Not really. Rusty nail, maybe . . .

        1. 1 Old Fashioned Glass
          2 - 3 ice cubes
          2 - 3 oz. Scotch

          Comibne ingredients from lines 2 and 3 above in the glass and enjoy!

          1. Glen Moray is a very solid Speyside single-malt whisky. I would NOT recommend using it in a mixed drink/cocktail, where any blended Scotch would suffice. Glen Moray should be sipped neat in a glass with a little bit of water. No ice please!

            If you are not a Scotch drinker, I would seriously think about re-gifting the Glen Moray to someone who is!

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            1. re: DavidT

              Yes, please, give it to me.

              I think this is a bottle you stash away for when a scotch drinker comes over, who would appreciate it.