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Any good cocktails I can make with Glen Moray scotch?

Got this as a gift and am not a big scotch drinker. Any suggestions?

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  1. Yeah. Wrap it up and give it to me.

    1. Not really. Rusty nail, maybe . . .

        1. 1 Old Fashioned Glass
          2 - 3 ice cubes
          2 - 3 oz. Scotch

          Comibne ingredients from lines 2 and 3 above in the glass and enjoy!

          1. Glen Moray is a very solid Speyside single-malt whisky. I would NOT recommend using it in a mixed drink/cocktail, where any blended Scotch would suffice. Glen Moray should be sipped neat in a glass with a little bit of water. No ice please!

            If you are not a Scotch drinker, I would seriously think about re-gifting the Glen Moray to someone who is!

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              Yes, please, give it to me.

              I think this is a bottle you stash away for when a scotch drinker comes over, who would appreciate it.

            2. The OP asked for cocktail suggestions using Glen Moray.

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                And to that end, the best advice is still: "don't waste it in mixed drinks"

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                  I was responding to a comment that was removed.

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                    I've never understood the somewhat competing notions of "don't waste it in mixed drinks" versus "don't go cheap on your mixed drink ingredients" as in, the better the products going in, the better the cocktail coming out.

                    If the OP isn't going to drink it straight, or give it away to internet message board friends, won't it be wasted in the back of his liquor cabinet? Plus, he got it for free, so where is the waste?

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                      I generally find that cheap ingredients make lousy tasting cocktails. That said, sometimes a wonderful, subtle, balanced spirit lacks the boldness to punch through the other ingredients and dilution in a cocktail. Cognac is a good example of this.

                      I would definitely mix with this. I had a Negroni / Boulevardier variant a few days ago using Laphroaig that I though was nice.

                      Scotch is an underused ingredient with lots of potential. Assuming you enjoy the base flavor, search and experiment.

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                2. The only Scotch-based cocktail that I really enjoy is the Blood and Sand:

                  1 oz Scotch
                  3⁄4 oz Sweet vermouth
                  3⁄4 oz Cherry Liqueur, Cherry Heering
                  1 oz Orange juice
                  1 ds Orange bitters (optional)
                  1 twst Orange peel (optional, expressed)

                  Shake, strain, straight up, cocktail. Optional bitters and expressed orange twist garnish.