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Jan 30, 2007 11:41 AM

Terrific Cocktail at Eastern Standard

Let me start by saying I am not a cocktail drinker, but reading the spirits board here inspired me to forego my usual pint of Bass or Harpoon and order a mixed drink at Eastern Standard.

Not really knowing anything about drinks, I just sort of perused the cocktail list and picked one that sounded good...a Pegu Club.

Oh my!!! it was terrific! Not sweet at all, with a little pungent smack. I think he made it with Bombay Sapphire but I'm not sure. The bartender was really nice and gave me a short history lesson on the cocktail (something about a British Officer's club in Burma).

Anyway, I'm hardly an expert but the mixology at Eastern Standard won me over.

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  1. They make WONDERFUL cocktails there and seem always willing to share their (impressive) knowledge of mixology lore and history. love that place!

    My favorite is the Jack Rose, but if you are not a fan of sweet it may not be for you. I also love the Au Provence which is their take on a gimlet.

    1. Ha - now that you've started, ES is an excellent spot to explore new cocktails. I remember being thrilled when they first opened and I saw the Jack Rose on their menu. The bartenders are so knowledgeable and love their craft (Doug, Tom?) and bar manager Jackson Cannon is mixologist extraordinaire. It's one of two places in Boston where I ask the bartender to simply 'surprise' me with a cocktail (No 9 is the other). ES is the first place I ever had a Sazerac, now one of my favorite cockails; also, my first Periodista and Red Hook. Others I really like are the Aviation, Half-Sinner, Half-Saint and their "New" Old-Fashioned. They also make delicious classics like their excellent Margaritas and Mai Tai's. It's a nice place to hang out and we've always had a great meal, it's one of my favorite spots in Boston.

      Cocktail Menu:

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        On a variation of "surprise me", I walked in recently and said something to the effect of, "make me something with Punt E Mes." I knew this is one of very few places in Boston, heck the country, where they know what to do with such a request.

      2. We weren't very impressed with the martini's - they were watery plus my husband's pickled onions - he had a gibson - were gross. Maybe we should have gone more exotic.
        However the wine by the glass was excellent. Maybe we should stick with our usual beer and wine!

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          I'd give them another shot, and try some of the more unusual offerings. There are only a handful of places locally that do bartending at this level. I'm surprised to hear about a nasty cocktail onion, though.

        2. You have to go when Jackson is working. He is a real class act. If you have any questions about bourbon or rye be prepared to get them answered in depth. I actually took a ride out to Julio's the next day just to pick up some full bottles of what I sampled. He is so knowledgeable that I've been at other bars and they talk about him. Boston needs more in the business like him.

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          1. My favorite new cocktail is an Eastern Standard concoction called a "Brock's Buck". You have to ask for it. An intriquiging combination of tastes based upon indian rum, lime and other exotic ingredients. At first it is bitter, then it is addicative. Tart yet refreshing. The ES mixologist really nailed it and is now a reason in of itself for a drink and dinner there.