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Jan 30, 2007 11:37 AM

Recipe for (DELISH)Brussel Sprouts at Jack's or Whole foods

Anyone tried these yet? they are DELISH! i want to make them at home but im not sure how they make them so good.

They are serving them at Jack's La Jolla, which are my favorite, and i have purchased them at Whole Foods.

can someone fill me in on a good recipe?

wish my mom would have had these recipes when i was growing up.

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  1. Is this a specific recipe your looking for, or just a great recipe for brussel sprouts? I got one from this site recently that was awesome. Cut them in half, tossed them in good olive oil and balsamic (we actually had a raspberry balsamic on hand) with salt and pepper, and bake (roast) for about 20-30 min. bout 350-375 degrees. Awesome!!! we loved em - thanks to everyone that posted that.

    1. Hard to say what the recipe you are looking for might be, but here are two brussels spouts recipies I rely on.

      I quickly boil the brussels sprouts, making sure they stay green, and then saute bacon and onions, mix it with parlsey and saute it with the BS, season with s & p.

      Otherwise I toss the brussels sprouts in olive oil and roast them at 425 for 30 minutes, season w/ S&P.

      1. I love to saute in EVOO, a little Salt, then top and carmelize some maple syrup at the end. The sweet takes out the bitter and changes the flavor a little. Also crisps up the edges. So very yummy. Also goes w/ a butternut squash combo. :)KQ

        1. the all sound similar to what i had. they were definately baked with Olive Oil and came out kind of caramelized. they ahd bacon bits too. they were/are so good!

          thanks for the tips.

          1. Caramelizing the brussels sprouts in the roasting process is the key here and obviously combining the two recipes is a snap. You could easily add chopped onions to the BS when they roasted, but I would add the bacon, cooked separately after the fact. Another nice addition would be toasted pine nuts. Enjoy!