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Jan 30, 2007 11:19 AM

Vegetarian in Columbia SC

I am relatively new to the area and I'll be entertaining some vegetarian friends from up north later this week. I'm looking for suggestions for relatively nice restaurants in Columbia which have good vegetarian options on their dinner menus. If you have an idea for a good lunch spot that fits the bill, that would be great, too. Thanks!

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  1. Lots of options - three spring to mind:
    Al Amir on Devine St., west of the Five Points area. Middle eastern.
    Maybe Goatfeathers. Five Points. Eclectic.
    Gervais and Vine in the Vista. Tappas.

    Hope you and your friends have a great time.

    1. For lunch you might try Rosewood Market (Rosewood Drive): a small natural foods store with a sort of deli in it. They have vegetarian, vegan and macro offerings. Very small informal space but very good food. Different chalkboard menu daily.