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Jan 30, 2007 11:17 AM

Do folks eat really well in Richmond (VA)?

I'm wondering about where to go out for a super, casual dinner - not LOUD and noisy, but small, intimate and comfy. The fan or Carytown would be close by - anything new?

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  1. Since my post yesterday, I went to The Times Dispatch restaurant reviews and found their top 10 for 2006; tried Rowland last night and had a lovely dinner. Nice 35 to 40 something crowd, no smoking - a bit slow as they were short-staffed. Husband loved his lamb shank, and my Mahi was nicely done. Will go there again -

    1. I also recommend Rowland. Another good place is Six Burner. Their mac & cheese is to die for. We often get an extra order to take home and have later in the week. And Six Burner takes reservations, whereas Rowland only does for larger parties. Zeus Gallery Cafe on Belmont is intimate but casual and has IMO the best desserts in Richmond, hands down. One thing I definitely would do is stay FAR, FAR, away from Dogwood Grille.

      1. I DO like Zeus Gallery, albeit their exhaust system contributes to your reeking like a short order cook. Haven't tried their new expanded space, tho.Six Burner needs something besides Mac & Cheese to get me there - ?

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          The menu leans heavily on the seafood side. I've had salmon and the fried oysters with cheese grits. Also they are good at letting you subdtitute sides, etc. My husband tends to get lamb/beef/pork and I don't remember what he's had specifically but he's been pleased with everything (and he's harder to please than I am). Another place to consider is Comfort on Broad Street, but it can be loud at times, especially in the front, if you are in one of the back booths, it's much quieter. Enoteco Sogno next door to Cabo's is sort of an Edo's Squid light and wasn't loud on the Saturday night we ate there with friends.

        2. Let's see:

          Zues Gallery Cafe - Menu changes daily, not too pricey. Great wine
          and beer list. The food is great! It's in the Museum District on
          Belmont Ave.

          Rowland - Not cheap by any means, but it won best new restaurant in
          Richmond for 2006. Great fresh seafood, very eclectic but incredible
          food. We've eaten there 4 times and they've been the 4 best meals
          I've had this in years. Corner of Shields and Main (We can see the
          door from our porch!

          The 4 Burner Cafe - Quiet, comfy. Older crowd most nights. Food is
          good, but not a meal you'll remember in the morning.

          Mom's Siam - Vietnamese and excellent! Quiet and comfy.

          Those would be my top four picks for quiet and great food. If they
          want more casual we end up at Kuba Kubas at least once a week.
          Incredible Cuban food, but it's not quiet - just comfy. Fan family
          regular hang-out.

          Hope that helps.

          1. You know, I have to honestly add that Rowland was not really comfortable seating - my husband sat in a woven, wobbly high back chair, and I sat on a hard, unpadded bench - was offered a fat pillow - too large to sit on, too fat to go behind my backsides. We were close to the next table - occupants were congenial, but they might not have been. Pricey to be understaffed and not really comfy - I guess the chef is definitely the raison d'etre!